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Sunday, June 10, 2012

I'm Still Here, Susan!

 Hi There!

One of my faithful readers, Susan, wrote to me, recently.

"You've been missing a week; where are you?"

Wasn't that sweet of her???

In fact, I've been here.

Here's my weekly routine:

Go to work - 8 to 4 job.
Come home and play in my Studio,
for a couple hours.
Drag butt upstairs and watch TV.
Sometimes do some handwork,
while watching TV, but not always.

 Yesterday morning, I completed 
the "Antique Car" quilt and its back.

This was last week's progress:
blocks are on the design wall.

Wednesday evening's progress.
The "filmsy" or "top" is completed!!!

I tried to make a black and white scrappy checkered border... kinda like those racing flags.

Then, since I had some left over blocks and strips, 
I decided to make a fancy smancy, oversized "label".

I'll be writing on the Chicken Coop wire fabric!

And, the back is now complete and I'm proud to say that I used up a LOT of big chunked, flannel pieces, for the back!  Trying to save money and stop spending money on fabric.  Got LOTS here, already, right?


Yesterday afternoon, 
I continued working on that 
ginormous Batik Quilt.  

Today is Sunday - which means...
cleaning my c-pak machine,
tidying up,
etc, etc.

Let's hope I manage to squeeze in 
some Studio Time, today!

Have a Super Sunday!!!

Oh....  And Susan - 
Thanks for inquiring about my whereabouts!!!!
I appreciated your concern.


Susan In Texas said...

Glad to see you in bloggerland again, Rosa. You sound much more productive than me, and your car quilt is fabulous. I just love the idea of an over-sized label. Some of my favorite quilts of all time had wonderful labels, like the tea party quilt that had an invitation to the party as its label. 8)

I'm trying to work down my stash too, before I have to open a quilt store that I could fully stock. lol

Don't be a stranger,
Susan in Texas

Cyn ;-) said...

Great quilt, Rosa. Love the antique cars. YOur larger-than-life label is a super idea... love it! Got a kick out of seeing the chicken-coop fabric. lol
You are so busy all the time that sometimes I get out of breath just reading about what all you do!
How do you think you [or G'] will quilt the car quilt?

Susan said...

WOW........ What a great quilt.. And you got it done so quickly....

You are simply amazing.