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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Snow Balls, Anyone?!?!

Hi There!

I've been trying REAL hard to stay focused and not flit around from one quilty project to the next, but Sunday morning... I got off the straight path and took a turn, for the worst.


Here's my design wall, to show you what it now looks like.

Actually, it all started Saturday afternoon. I had finished putting on the 3rd border on my birthday siggie quilt and, in my defense, I haven't been feeling 100 % well... I've been running a low grade fever and achy and chilly all over....

Okay, I digress, once again.

Then, I put the quilt aside and Sunday morning, started working on our Palm Tree Pillowcases.

I had picked up some GORGEOUS palm tree fabric, in Florida!

Well, late this afternoon, I was feeling a wee bit better and decided to continue working on our pillow cases. Well, I guess my brain's still mushy from the fever. I managed to mess up some of the measurements on the pillow case band, and had to rip it out.

Decided to put THAT project aside and HEY, GUESS WHAT!??!?

I started yet, ANOTHER quilty project!!!


See my design wall?

Birthday Siggie quilt, in the foreground.

Palm tree pillow cases, 1/2 done...

And my 3rd (new) quilty project is right beside the Birthday Siggie quilt.

See it?


How about a close up shot?

These little cuties are only 1-1/2 inch square.

They will finish at 1 inch!

I'm hoping to make a mini quilt
and I'm using Civil War fabrics,
for their centers...

Frummie had sent me the web page, from
The Quilt Community.

It's a pattern called "Mini Melon Quilt"
by Nancy Thomas

I just think they're the cutest
Snow Balls, ever!


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Frummie said...

go to sleep and stay home tomorrow.

Love Sweetie