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Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Design Wall (and More Gifties)

Hi There!

What's on my design wall, this evening?

This year, my on-going slogan is....


Sooooo, I dug out my "Birthday Siggies" - siggie blocks that we had exchanged for our birthdays.

I ironed and trimmed a few of them, to size.

I've got more to iron and trim... and this will probably NOT be the layout that I'll be using but here's what's on my Design Wall, for now.

And here's a couple close-up shots,
of some of my Birthday Siggies.

This one was just TOOOO comical!!!


And this one had 3 cute little Yo-Yo's, with a cute star button!

And, as promised, here are a few more gifties....

These ones were from Frummie...

A cute little mouse, with a heart cushion
that reads...
"With Love".

A lovely and very practical lined basket, that I've already started to use... it will hold patterns!


This incredibly fascinating book, on "Redwork"!

I've never done redwork before, but am looking forward to
"Getting 'Er Done!"


And, yet another pattern,
with embroidered snowmen!!!


That's it!

I've been going to bed early, these past few evenings....

It's cold...
My toes, fingers, noes and ear tips are cold....
And, I'm exhausted!

What can I tell you?

Hope you're able to bundle up,
under a nice quilt!



Brigitte said...

lovely gifts! the Crapapplehill pattern is so cute - can't wait to see your stitchery ;-)

Elly D said...

WOW! Fabulous gifties :) Bet if felt like Christmas over and over ;)
Is there a BD siggy there from moi?? Just wondering?? Funny but I've been thinking of all my siggies lately.

decledi..... that's when you hit someone in the eye with a led pencil.. dec..led..i.. LOLOL.. I'm off to bed ;)