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Sunday, March 6, 2011

When To Stop Sewing...

Hi There!

Yesterday afternoon, I finished ironing and trimming all my "Siggie" blocks.

NOTE: "Siggies" are signature blocks -
swapped amongst other quilters, usually.

Then, I figured out that I had 4 left over siggies...

Debated, in my head....

Did I want to somehow create 6 more, to make another row at the top, or put 4 on the BACK of the quilt... or?!?!?

*** Lightbulb moment!!!! ***

I would use 4 black siggies as corner blocks!!!

Then, I took them ALL down from my design wall and started re-putting them back, but in a rainbow sequence.

I found some marbelized purple that would do just PERFECT for the blocks' sashing!


Did I mention that Gilbert has a cold or flu?

Well, I started getting his symptoms, yesterday afternoon.

I took 2 tylenols and started sewing the purple sashings...

At which point did I decide that I should stop?

When I finished this last strip of blocks and whilst ironing, lifted up my head and noticed the 2 blocks, on my design wall, that I had forgotten about!!!!
(see 3rd row, to the left?!??!)

Should I add that I had a EXTRA LONG strip of purple on that 3rd row and had cut it off, because I thought I didn't need it?!??!

*extra long sigh*

Without using any "special" words - I think my body was aching too much to think of any, a that point - I just quietly put away my purple strips, un-plugged my iron, shut off my laptop, turned off my sewing machine and turned off the light in my sewing room.

It was time to stop, for the day....



Barb said...

This is going to be one amazing love it. Hope the two of you get better!!

Elly D said...

OH NOOOOOO!!! Oh my Dear Rosa! That's the sort of thing that I do... you did right to switch off everything!
It really is going to be amazing when you're finished it.... and the bonus is you have your very own LAQ!!!
Have a good rest my dear :)

tormahis:- a tormented Ahis!!?? (it's late, LOL)

Susan said...

The birthday quilt is looking great.

I hope your Honey feels better soon. If I were close by I would make him chicken soup with fresh bread.

Frummie said...

Feel better Honey. Rest up.