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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

And Another Dress...

Hi There!

As promised, I am sharing some more pictures of gifties that I received, while in Florida.

Frummie made this ADORABLE hen pincushion, that sits on a C clamp!

She's in our Long Arm room.

She also gave me an antique spool,
which we placed in front of our
"regular" spools of thread.

Progress report?

Gilbert and I have decided that it's now time to make a quilt for US.... and YES, it is a "Magic Tile" quilt!


Gilbert doesn't mind ironing the fabric and cutting blocks for me.

HECK! I'm not complaining -
that's the part of quilting that I
don't care for!


And here's a picture
of the pretty colored fabrics
that will be in our quilt.

Monday evening, I finished
yet ANOTHER pillow case dress.

This one, I added a frilly, frill
to the hem.

First time doing that, and it
will probably be the last time!


Too time consuming, too boring...
for me.

But, I DID like the results!
Hmmm... never say "never", eh?


Here's a close up of the fabrics...

That's about it, for this evening.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!



Barb said...

These pillowcase dresses are adorable....

Love the fabrics you chose for your for the team!

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

Love your chicken pincushion! So cute!

Frummie does beautiful work!

Were we really in Florida???