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Monday, March 28, 2011

Another UFO Bites the Dust!

Hi There!

Yesterday evening - LATE Yesterday evening, I FINALLY finished the binding on our Chenille Rug.

Here it is, on the floor, before it got washed and thrown in our dryer.

This afternoon, it got washed and almost all dried, in our dryer and then, I decided to put it out on our clothes line.... to freshen it up more AND to take pictures!

(click on the photos, if you want to see them BIGGER)

Here's a close up of the "chenille" part.

Barb told me that you can never tell, till it's all finished, washed and dried, which colors will "pop" out.


I'd say blues, reds and "A Yellow Runs Through It", too!


Gee, this was almost like giving birth to a child!

At the time, you say.... "Never, EVER again! This is boring work!"

And once it's all over and you stand back and look at your work, you say to yourself, "Hmmm.... You know - that wasn't all THAT bad. If I made another one, with different colors, I wonder which colors would pop out, eh?"

And then, reality steps in, you shake your head and say, "Don't even GO there, girl! Finish off your OTHER UFOs, first!!!"


Hope you're all having an incredible Monday!

We just added a neat widget to The 3A Quilting page....

You might want to look at our new "planet"....



Barb said...

YEA!!!!! Looks great!

Elly D said...

Your chenille rug looks great Rosa! and so does your hooked one ;))Looking forward to seeing what you do with your candle holders :)

luibili - LOL Here we go loobiloo here we got loobiliii, all on a Saturday night!

Hugs Ellyx