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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gilbert's Been Busy...

Hi There!

This past summer, Gilbert quickly grew tired of my store bought ironing board and since he has to iron our clients' quilts, he came up with a design to help with his business.

He bought an old (hallow) door, at our local "ReStore". Cut it to size, added hot glue, batting, some cotton fabric and then varnished 1" X 2" pieces of wood and fixed them to the "door".

He added 2 hooks at the end of his ironing board and when he's finished ironing, he hangs it up.

It fits PERFECTLY on our Long Arm table and he's able to iron the quilt and then, feed it onto the rollers, to pin.

Neat, eh?

We got yet another order of thread and we were quickly running out of space, on our shelves.

He's decided to make his own thread holder.

Align Center

Took a picture of our threads being "auditioned".

He's already put one coat of varnish on the board and it still needs another coat or 2 of varnish.

He tells me that by Wednesday, the "Thread" board should be hanging in Bertha's room.


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rooee said...

Hi Rosa and Gilbert, I came to your blog via the Gammill group. Love your ironing 'door'!!!