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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

DJ - Heart Quilt - Cross Your Heart Jane

Hi there!

Finally started on my "DJ Heart Quilt". I've been playing around with the idea in my head and finally got the 1st block completed. Got 2 others prepped and ready to appliqué.

For you Janiacs out there, can you guess which one this is????? *grin*

I'm calling this block - "Cross Your Heart Jane".

Block size will end up being 8 ". Not sure, yet how many I will get done nor the size of the wall hanging, lap quilt or bed sized quilt, yet. *s*

More to come....



monkeysewer said...

How cute is that block. You are so creative. I hope someday I will be half as good. Paula in Ohio

Caron said...

What a sweet idea, Rosa! Love it!


Elly D said...

This is lovely, looking forward to your second one Rosa. Ellyx

Mary Ann said...

Hey, Rosa! How's it going?!!! Your block is great! I like that... "cross your heart, Jane"! Wasn't there also an old tv commercial from the sixties with that name?!! With Jayne Mansfield...or am I totally losing it??!! LOL!! I just did some dj heart blocks myself for a Valentine's swap...they're posted on my blog if you want to see them! Have a wonderful weekend!!! Mary Ann from Denmark