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Sunday, December 8, 2013

"Life" Got in the Way....

Hi There!

What happened to my schedule?  

Well, "life" happened... that's what happened.


Got up, went and got our weekend morning Tim Hortons coffee and while sipping it, fixed and updated some of our web pages on "The 3A Quilting" Web page.  

Had laundry going, too... I might add.

Went downstairs and did some dishes - not all but most of them.

Did NOT do any time in "Rosa's Studio".  

Did not come NEAR a needle 'n thread, today.

Did however walk the dogs.

Took Zelda to her favorite dog store where she was very well behaved, for SANTA!!!!  Okay, there were a few hiccups, but we managed to get her picture with Santa!!!

After, called my cousin Nancy and we met up at the doggy park.  

Unfortunately, the fence was closed to the public.  
Why did they do that!??!?

Came back home and Nancy and I had a great visit around my kitchen table while her Husky played with Zelda and Bandit.

All in all, it was another SUPER day!


Finish those darn dishes.
Work on those pillow cases.

Nancy comes over in the P.M. and we're gonna work on HER 2 sets of pillow cases!

Should be fun!

Later gators!


1 comment:

Anna McCurdy said...

Life gets full doesn't it- How great for your parents that you were able to take care of their beloved pet- it sounds like they are quite the pair of dogs.
Nice to see you writing on your blog again- I somehow never get to it- too much time on Facebook or doing school work or just being out and about.. lame excuses I know but I am going to stick to them.. LOL
Hope it all works out for you on the job front- Crossing my fingers and toes for you.