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Friday, November 23, 2007

How do I organise my (baby) Dear Jane blocks

Okay, I've seen this question asked quite a few times, in the DJ forum and quite frankly, everyone has their own method. Me, I thought I was doing pretty good, till Jo Spindle became my Secret Pal last year and turned my organizing, with DJ, upside down! LOL

What I "was" doing was cutting up tiny little blocks of my fabric and scotch taping it to the appropriate grid, in the DJ book. To be honest, it was starting to look like crap! LOL

Anyhow, Jo suggested that I make up a separate cardboardish grid. So, I then drew the grid on a sturdy cardboard and glue-sticked the pieces of fabric (see picture), in each appropriate grid. This helps me, with a quick glance, to see if I've already used a specific fabric. NOTE: Even with all this, a few months ago, I noticed that I had used the same pink, twice. *groan*

Then, she suggested that I start journaling these blocks, for which I will be forever grateful for Jo, to suggest this. At least now, I know, without a doubt, that I would never, EVER want to get into scrap booking! LOL

Anyhow, printed out one of the DJ journal pages and got a whole bunch of those copied. Started journaling, as per Jo's suggestion. I'm doing it faithfully, as per Jo's suggestion, and I know that someday I'll sit and re-read these notes and comments and enjoy them, but for now... let's just say that it's a pain you-know-where. *grin*

I've added 2 pictures to show you what it looks like - in case you haven't done that, yet.

I also scotch tape a piece of fabric, in my DJ book, once I've completed the block.

At the very beginning, I knew that I wouldn't be able to keep these beauties organized. So, I went out and bought two 3-ringed binders... added those transparent page protectors. Blocks are safe and dust-free.

Blocks or triangles are put away only AFTER I've taken their picture and uploaded them to my DJ web page.

I have 2 big containers with future DJ fabric. Once I've used this fabric, I then put them away in my other plastic containers that are labeled "pink", "blue", "brown", etc, etc. At this point, my container with brown fabric is overflowing and the cover is loose, on the top of that pile. *grin*

So, I think that's about it. As of this evening, I now have (only) 11-1/2 more blocks to do. I have an almost finished block, downstairs in my sewing room.... waiting for me to complete it. *grin*

Hope this helps! Of course, if you have any questions, give me a hollar! *s*



Le blog du tigre said...

Ceci est une très belle boite avec lumière.
Ton drink est-tu bon?

Rosa Robichaud said...

Oui, en effet... Mon cinzano disparait trop vite, malheureusement... :-(