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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Receiving my DJ book and 1st few thoughts.

I had posted this one as a reply to another Janiac, on the DJ forum, on the 14th of July 2007:


My first thoughts, when I received the DJ book,

"Wow!!! It arrived!" At that point, I would have jumped up and down, but
was home recuperating from an operation. *s*

*ripped off the package*

Opened the package, and as I'm quickly flipping through the book, SEVERAL
times, my 2nd thoughts were,

"OH MY GOD!" said VERY slowly....

3rd thoughts:

"There's no instructions in this book. Where's the 1/4 inch and
measurements?!?" *groan*

I had "heard" the word "paper piecing" and kinda had the basic idea on

4th set of thoughts:

"How will I EVER do this, with no instructions or measurements?!??"

At the time, I had forgotten about Brenda's instructions. Today, I know
they're there, but am really BAD when it comes to reading instructions - I
need pictures. Anyhow....

I quickly found some "look-a-like" fabric for my first "block". What did I
pick? Rosemary's Rainbow - a triangle! LOL

Ohhhh... Newbie me! LOL

What calmed my beating heart, when I first started making blocks and
triangles (as I'm usual VERY frugal), was....

"Heck, Rosa, if it don't work - I'm not wasting THAT much fabric!" LOL

Sooooooo, 130 blocks, 48 triangles, 4 kites and 3728 pieces later...

And as the cigarette commercial says, "You've come a long way, Baby!" LOL

In the back of my head, at the time, I was thinking, "Well, these might just
end up being practice blocks." *grin*

I've since re-done Rosemary's Rainbow, only because there was a REAL bad
twist to it and you could see the pencil marks (see my DJ Bloopers).

And there's another block... Can't remember the name, but at the time, since
I had a very small fabric stash, I used some funky tapestry fabric, for it.
I'll be re-doing that one, too. Other than than, I'm quite sure the other
blocks will remain... As it not only is/was a fun journey but a "learning"
one, as well. *s*

Good luck - take a deep breath and JUMP IN! These blocks have often been
compared to potato chips - you've just can't stop at one!

Therefore, if you don't OPEN up the bag of chips, and dig right in, you'll
never see the bottom of the bag! *grin*


NOTE: As of today, I now have 157 blocks, 52 triangles (all done), 4 kites (all done), with a total of 4494 pieces - so far. *grin*

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