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Monday, August 20, 2012

Led Down the Garden Path, I Tell You!

Hi There!

My friend Barb (virtually) introduced me to Bonnie Hunter about a year ago and I just LOVE her scrappy attitude!

I've since bought 1 of her books and was lucky enough to receive another one of her books as a gift! Thanks, Cyn!!!

Bonnie's recently published another book called "String Fling" with 13 incredible quilts. Would you believe there's only 2 quilts in that book that are not on my "to do or die" list?!?!?!

Anyhow, "Pineapple Crazy" was certainly not on my first-in-line quilt but Barb took me by the hand and down the garden path we went!


Barb - Did you realize it was all paper pieced? Isn't that your favorite method?
Me - Aaaah yeah...
Barb - Did you read what she wrote? 12,000 pieces!!!
Me - Oh WOW!!!
Barb - I already have 72 pineapple blocks made!
Me - Oh WOW! That's GREAT, Barb!!!
(In the back of head I'm wondering if I can catch up or pass her, even!!!)

Has the word "crazy" come up, in your thoughts, yet?!?!?

LOL !!!!

Well, by then, I was already hooked! I HAD to make this quilt!!!

Aaaaaannnnnd, to top it all off, the quilt is Pineapple Crazy !!!!

Aaaaaannnnd, I've always considered myself a kinda crazy gal!!!


Sooooo, there you have it. This "part-time" quilt will probably become yet another obssession, till the binding is done!

Elaine - thanks for the red polka dots (American Jane fabrics)!
Frummie - Sure am appreciating the chicken coop fabric - every little piece is used! *grin*

Enjoy the pics!


(Picture taken from Bonnie Hunter's book, "String Fling".)

(Picture taken from Bonnie Hunter's book, "String Fling".)

(Picture taken from Bonnie Hunter's book, "String Fling".)

My 1st blocks - they're the beginning of the corner blocks.


Cyn ;-) said...

OMGosh... yes you are certifiable - but in a lovely way! lol. Good luck with the project. It looks amazing!

Mary said...

Love, love her books. Have the paper to do the pineapple, but now sure when! Have fun.