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Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 7 - It Could Be Worst...

Hi There!

Yep!  I'm still "off" and lovin' it!   Busy trying to maintain the laundry, dish washing, errands and as well as bank business and such (re: my new un-employed status), etc., etc., etc.

And YES, I am playing in my Sewing Studio!  Not as much as I'd like, but still getting a few minutes here and there, nevertheless.  *grin*

I'll be giving quilting classes, starting October 13th and I'm definitely all set and prepared for this month's class.

I'm hoping to give different classes every month. Sooooo, I'm already working on November's classes, as I need to prepare notes AND have a few "examples" of what I'll be teaching, right?

Anyhoooooo, this week, Gilbert happened upon a new-to-him internet radio channel. Well, I knew that he "liked" the James Last band, but little did I know.... after 12 years of being together.... that he actually LOVED them!

Here's the web link:

 They play James Last music.... CONTINUALLY!!!   and with little to no commercials s'far as I can tell.
 And while Gilbert is being on the Gammill and listening to his James Last, I'm trying to work in my studio.  He likes his music rather loud and I'm here, in my studio... listening to this band.  And, between you and I, I think they're starting to get on my nerves.... It's like a cross between elevator music, piano bar music and  movie (background) music.  Right now, "Moon River" is playing.
Nice to listen to at first, but....   *sigh*

At least I'm off, right?  And it could be worst, right?  Rap and pan flute music would be the ULTIMATE nails-scratching-on-a-chalkboard WORST!!!


 Hope you're all having a Fantastic Friday!!!


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Cyn ;-) said...

Hang in there, kiddo... this too shall pass, right?!
Sewing/quilting is always great therapy.