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Friday, August 31, 2012

My Old Needles and Pins

Do you have a bottle for your bent and dull needles and pins?

I do. And... Please don't laugh but I would rarely take the time to take down my bottle from my shelf, unscrew the top, drop in my bent needle, rescrew the top and place it back on my shelf.

Too much work!


Okay, you can laugh!

Anyhow, i just had a lightbulb moment!!!

Poke a small hole in the cover and VOILA!!! Easier to dispose my needles!

When the bottle's full - tape up your small hole and into the garbage can it goes!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

My 1st Little Tree!

This is one of the MANY triangles in Bonnie Hunter's quilt. I've modified the coloring slightly to make the triangles look like trees.

What d'ya think, eh? Have you ever modified a pattern?

Off to make another "tree".


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Standing Room Only

I picked up this hand made soap today. Thought I'd share a pic with you, before I jumped into my Stand-Up Swimming Pool - AKA a Shower.

Don't you just LOVE trying out a new bar of hand made soap?!?!?!?

I sure do!

Later 'gatorettes!



Finished 4 corner blocks and my 1st pineapple block... Which took forever, BTW!!!

Barb, how did you make it to 80(?) blocks?!?!?!?


Monday, August 20, 2012

Led Down the Garden Path, I Tell You!

Hi There!

My friend Barb (virtually) introduced me to Bonnie Hunter about a year ago and I just LOVE her scrappy attitude!

I've since bought 1 of her books and was lucky enough to receive another one of her books as a gift! Thanks, Cyn!!!

Bonnie's recently published another book called "String Fling" with 13 incredible quilts. Would you believe there's only 2 quilts in that book that are not on my "to do or die" list?!?!?!

Anyhow, "Pineapple Crazy" was certainly not on my first-in-line quilt but Barb took me by the hand and down the garden path we went!


Barb - Did you realize it was all paper pieced? Isn't that your favorite method?
Me - Aaaah yeah...
Barb - Did you read what she wrote? 12,000 pieces!!!
Me - Oh WOW!!!
Barb - I already have 72 pineapple blocks made!
Me - Oh WOW! That's GREAT, Barb!!!
(In the back of head I'm wondering if I can catch up or pass her, even!!!)

Has the word "crazy" come up, in your thoughts, yet?!?!?

LOL !!!!

Well, by then, I was already hooked! I HAD to make this quilt!!!

Aaaaaannnnnd, to top it all off, the quilt is Pineapple Crazy !!!!

Aaaaaannnnd, I've always considered myself a kinda crazy gal!!!


Sooooo, there you have it. This "part-time" quilt will probably become yet another obssession, till the binding is done!

Elaine - thanks for the red polka dots (American Jane fabrics)!
Frummie - Sure am appreciating the chicken coop fabric - every little piece is used! *grin*

Enjoy the pics!


(Picture taken from Bonnie Hunter's book, "String Fling".)

(Picture taken from Bonnie Hunter's book, "String Fling".)

(Picture taken from Bonnie Hunter's book, "String Fling".)

My 1st blocks - they're the beginning of the corner blocks.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Where Have I Been????

 Hi There!

Have you been wondering where I've been and what I've been doing and WHY I haven't been blogging more often????

Well, so have I!


After chatting with Gilbert and reviewing what's been going on, during this past month - only then, did we realize that we've been "busy", or should I write... "busier than usual"?


In a nutshell:

12th - Gilbert and I went to 4 different stores, looking for a dishwasher!  We finally picked the PERFECT washer at Leon's.
19th - We picked up our new puppy, Zelda, Riverview, NB.  Stressful trip back home - 1.5 hour drive. Zelda was sick in the car.  :-(

20th - We took Zelda to our Vet for her needles. Another stressful trip for Zelda. She HATES the car!!!

House training became priority #1.  Zelda was brought up in the country, in a kennel.  She had never been in a house nor a car before!  (Note: She's STILL terrified of car rides.)  House training meant I had to SIT beside her and watch her like an eagle!  No time for quilting, needless to say!  Finally, by journalling WHEN she did her #1's and #2's, we're able to figure out how often she needs to go out.  And learning her "signals", too!

23rd - Our new dishwasher is finally delivered!  Gilbert will have to build a frame, beside our stove.

26th(approx.) - Gilbert builds the frame and I finally get to load it up with dishes.  Gilbert put a dry newspaper underneath and it's leaking, unfortunately.

28th - We went to Home Hardware for some clamps and such.  Get back home and Gilbert installs the new items on the dishwasher. I was asked to load her up again and do a wash.  It's still leaking, unfortunately.

At this point, I can't tell you HOW many trips we made to different plumbing stores, trying to find the correct hose or tube or clamp or whatever, to stop the darn machine from leaking!  I mean, COME ON PEOPLE, it's a new dishwasher, right?!??

2nd - Our side door is scheduled to be installed but they can't make it.  Re-scheduled for the 13th of this month.  I had taken the day off to be here, with Zelda.  Darn!  I guess I'll just have to hang out at home, eh? LOL

3rd - Gilbert and I went to a National German Shepherd Dog Competition, held in our city!  We were thrilled to attend. No, Zelda did not come with us.  She's terrified of cars, remember?  *s*

.....  THIS is the day that Gilbert got fed up with the leaking dishwasher and pulled it out onto the center of our kitchen and turned it onto its side and realized that it was leaking from the motor area and NOT from the drain hose!!!  Were we EVER upset!!!  I then called up Leon's who quickly told me to call Whirlpool about my 2 week old dishwasher.  I felt like they were "washing" their hands of all of this - no pun intended, BTW!

FINALLY.... after calling Whirlpool, we were told that a technician would come to our home on TUESDAY only, since Monday was a holiday!  (today is Friday afternoon).  Darn and Drat and a whole bunch of OTHER words!!!  A defective NEW dishwasher and I was stuck STILL doing dishes, by hand, during the long weekend!  And it was hot and humid, too!  I was NOT a happy camper - trust me!
7th - Our "door" company called. 2 workers are on their way to install our door! We were only expecting them on the 13th, but HEY - we didn't complain.
....  Dishwasher repair man arrives to assess our (new) leaky dishwasher.  He agrees with Gilbert. There's a defective part in our machine.

9th - At 8 months old, Zelda started her first "heat"..... unfortunately. 

....  Dishwasher tech arrived with replacement part.   (sssssssshhhhh..... don't yell it too loud, but it appears as if the problem is solved.)

11th - Our neighbours garage roof caught on fire. We had 3 firetrucks parked on our street.  Talk about beating hearts!!!  Zelda and MY heart, that is!  No, we did not have any smoke damage and our siding didn't melt - THANK GOD!

13th - "WAS" supposed to be the day that Zelda got spayed.  We had to cancel due to her "heat".

15th - Nothing new.... seems as if - keep your fingers crossed - as if everything's back to "normal".


So, yes, we've been busier than a one-armed wallpaperer - that's how the saying goes, right?


But, on a positive note, I've started playing again, in my Quilting Studio, this week and the weather's cooled down and its less humid.... Thanks God!

Soooooo, that's about it, folks!

I don't normally like stressful and hectic days.  I think Gilbert and I have had my month-ful, so far.  Now, I need to have a bit of peaceful quilty time!


Hope you're having a super week!


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Final Pic of My 2 Loaves...

Hi There!

Well, both loaves came out PERFECTLY!

Perhaps not quite as light as my Mom's 
but I haven't made bread in a LONG time and, 
Gilbert and I weren't too, too fussy, either!

I'm a few days behind but 
I thought I'd share my final pics, 

Off to bed!

One last day before the weekend!


Monday, August 6, 2012

In the Loaf Dish

I've kneaded the bread twice, in its bowl.

Now, the bread will rise 1 last time before I pop it in the oven!

More pics later...


Is There Any Better Smell?!?!?!

I've decided to make some old fashioned bread. I haven't made bread in over 15(?) years! Yes, I've made some "No Knead Bread" recently but that's not the same, in my opinion.

Right now, it's going through it's 1st rise.

I'll try and take pics along each step and report back to you. If it turns out edible, I'll even post the recipe!

Is there any better smell than a freshly bathed and powered baby or bread cooking? And since I don't have a baby nearby, I'll have to settle with fresh cooked bread!


Stay tuned!


Is She Just a Pretty Face???

Ever since we adopted Zelda, I've been busy dogsitting. Yes, dogsitting.

Trying to figure out her digestive system. Trying to get her to do her "business" outside. Trying to calm her and reassure her, as she's a VERY nervous, 8 month old puppy. And bonding, as well.

Is she just a pretty face?

Well, she's started to give us 1 or 2 warning barks when someone comes in our yard or at our door. I'd say she's starting to earn her keep. Not to mention that she's stolen our hearts as well!


Today is New Brunswick Day - our provincial holiday.

Have a great day!


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Another Annual Cousin's Camping Weekend!

 Hi There!

Every year for the past 25 years(?), my cousins and their partners and children and family friends have gotten together, on this long weekend. The New Brunswick Day weekend - Monday's a holiday, here.

Most of them camp. Some just visit for the day.

The last 3 years, we've been camping out at my parents....
waaaaay out in the country.

I went today and spent a GREAT afternoon!

Around 3 or so, a good family friend, 
Janet and her hubby popped in with THIS car!

I think it's safe to say that we were ALL impressed!


A '55 Chevy!

Her hubby even let us sit in it, to take pics!

Got tomorrow off. 
Hope to get some sewing done!

Have a great week!


Friday, August 3, 2012

Another UFO Bites the Dust

Picked up this panel last year(?) and Gilbert did a great job at custom quilting it!

For sale - $45


Thursday, August 2, 2012

2 Weeks Absence.

 Hi There!

Good Grief - where has the time gone?!?!?

It's been about 2 weeks since I've last blogged and a good part of my absence has been because of "Zelda", our little skittish Princess!

Yesterday was her 8th month birthday!

She's a "blue" German Shepherd!

Since she was brought up in a kennel, in a field ... out in the country, she needs to learn to do her "business" outside, to calm down - chill actually - and not be so afraid. *s*

On another topic, this afternoon, 
Gilbert attached our new house numbers!

The last house numbers were too long and stretched and up too high. 

Nobody could "see" them, apparently. 

Tuesday, I went to our local "Pumpkin Patch" to pick up some slug bait - which they ran out of, BTW - and picked up this GORGEOUS potted sunflower plant!

It looks huge but it's actually only about 2 feet high, from the ground.

That's about it, with me.

I've been going to a Naturopath for allergies and stuff.  
And, they also do acupuncture!
First time for me!

I was off today and I'll be off tomorrow, as well!

Have a great weekend!!!