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Saturday, August 16, 2014

How Zit Goin'?

Hi There!

Well, yesterday was my first day of "Juicing".

Breakfast was DELICIOUS!!!

Lunch wasn't so good.  No, I'm not blaming it on the food but rather on the juicing machine, itself.

I was supposed to have 3 heads of broccoli, 2 pears and 2 stalks of celery, right?  Well, I started with the 3 heads of broccoli.  While the pulp container was almost full, when finished, I might have had 1/2 cup of juice?  And, the pulp was VERY wet.

Soooo, as per internet instructions, I scooped up the pulp to pass it through, once again.  It jammed it!  What a mess!!!  Gritty broccoli stuff all over!!! And I'm thinking, "Gosh!  What a waste of good broccoli!!!"

When I did the 2 pears, I only got 1 tablespoon of juice... which didn't make sense at all!

Soooo, drank my cup of juice and when I cleaned up the machine, I saw a lot of pear juice had pooled INSIDE one of the parts of the machine!

Afternoon, I ate an apple - I was STARVED!

Supper time, I eyed the machine and thought, "No, I'm too hungry and this machine isn't doing the trick for me.  Let's have a salad."

Soooo, I ate a big salad and brought 3 carrots upstairs with me, to munch in front of our TV.

And peace was restored, within Rosa's soul and belly!  :-)

Weight loss since 12 Aug. 2012?  6 lbs


Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

WOW Rosa... Congratulations!!! Six pounds in 3 -4 days is fabulous!!!



Elly D said...

You know, instead of trying to juice all that crunchy goodness, when not shred it all up small and eat it with a fork.... Raw broccoli is rather yummy and all that chewing would make you feel satisfied :) Just saying. Shredded raw broccoli, pear and celery sounds like a winning combo ;) with a little ground black pepper on the top ;) 6lb in 3 days is a lot to loose all at once... slowly slowly catches the monkey!! Don't over do it or you'll make yourself ill... just sayin' take care my friend..