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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Granite Gnome's Not Well

Hi There!

As for Granite Gnome, he hasn't been feeling well, lately.
Hubby mentioned it a few days ago. It appeared as if Granite Gnome was cracking up... no one dared touch him, even.
This evening hubby said, "Granite Gnome is now tilting and looking some of his granite. He looks like those melting icebergs that we see on those TV documentaries."
I sincerely doubt Granite Gnome will survive our 20 cm of snow, tomorrow. Time will tell.


1 comment:

Elly D said...

That was some story you wrote today in several different posts, LOL... And yes I read them all! Love the last one with all your Gnomes on display. :D I hope the snow doesn't head our way...