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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mini Snowballs Falling From the Sky?

Hi There!

A few years back, I remember some lady called into our local radio station and wanted to wish her brother a Happy Birthday. It happened to be St. Patrick's Day and it was also a crappy, weather day, She said that ever since she could remember, it was ALWAYS a crappy day, on St. Patrick's Day.

Well, we had no snow on the ground and the temps have been nice. That was this past week or two.

Unfortunately, this morning, I woke up to snow falling.
"HUNH??? What's up with this white crap?", I asked myself.
Then, around noon time, it stopped. YEAH!!!

And, around 4 or 5 pm, it started up again and we got the BIGGEST snowflakes coming down.

I went outside, with my new Canon Rebel and shot a few pics.
The flakes were truly bigger than in my pictures. It almost looked like someone was throwing tiny snowballs, from the sky.


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