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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Computer Maintenance - #4 (PHYSICALLY Cleaning Your Computer)

Another Computer Maintenance -

PHYSICALLY clean your computer. Gilbert, my hubby, recommends that you clean it at least once every 6 months.

When your computer starts looking like mine.... either you've skipped your 6 month cleanup or it's due, one way or the other. *s*

Dirty computers can and will (eventually) clog up the fans, INSIDE the computer, leading to fan malfunctions and fans can stop running, completely or just die, on you.

The "motherboard" - that's the brains that makes all your thingies inside your computer run, can "die", also, if yours fan die on you. All the thingies inside your computer need "cool" space. If the vents are all clogged up on your computer case, then it really doesn't matter if your fans are still running, right? They will eventually die off.

Your computer needs to "breath" and live in a "cool" environment.

Your computer NEEDS to be cleaned, on a semi-annual basis. *s*

How to do this:

FIRST - TURN OFF and UN-PLUG everything attached to your computer.

SECOND - You will need to remove the outer case. On most computers, you just need to slide the outer case or "shell" off... sometimes, it's held together with just regular screws.

THIRD - Either you "own" a DH (Dear Husband) who, in turn, owns an air compressor... or... you can use a regular vacuum cleaner and a toothbrush or small brush. Last choice, Gilbert suggests, is to pick up a container with compressed air - usually used for computers and typewriters.

FOURTH - Once finished and there is no visible signs of dirt or guck, replace the outer case and I would suggest, as a final touch, that you clean the outside with a clean, damp rag.

The guy at the tech shop told me that if you use an air compressor, you should let your computer "sit" for 1/2 an hour or so. According to him, there are minuscule droplets of water that come out of an air compressor... and he said it needed to dry, before you plugged in your machine. Gilbert said, to me (afterwards), that it really wasn't necessary. *shrug* Who was I to argue with either of them - just passing on the information.... you decide.

FIFTH - Re-plug all wires and THEN, turn on your machine.

Here's a picture of mine, that Gilbert cleaned up for me, 2 weekends ago.

When I pulled out my camera, while Gilbert started working on my computer, he suspected what I was getting ready to do. He laughed and said, "No, you aren't going to post these pictures, are you?!??" I said, "SURE, if it helps someone out there, why not?!?"

Sometimes I'm brave and sometimes I'm not. LOL

See the dust and the guck that built up, on mine?

When you see your "vents" all clogged up, like mine (see pic below), then chances are, the back of the computer is also clogged up (pic above). Time to PHYSICALLY clean up your computer.

Here's Gilbert, cleaning it up with his air compressor.

Another picture, of Gilbert, cleaning every nook and cranny.

See the dirt on the bottom? That too, needs to be picked up! *grin*

There!!!! You can now wipe off your hands and congratulate yourselves for having done a preventative and well-done job! Wasn't that difficult, was it? PLUS, I've just saved you tons of money, on cleaning up your computer AND possible future repairs. *VBG*

Once again, I'm not an expert at these things... just passing along some (helpful) information. Please feel free to leave comments.... *s*


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Elly D said...

UMMMM how do you do this to a laptop?

I will show this to Neil to do his PC :) Thanks Rosa for being brave ;)