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Saturday, March 29, 2008

The "Man" Flu....

Hi There!

Well, Gilbert (my DH) got the flu Sunday, and Monday was the 1st day that he missed from work, due to illness.

He was in bed, ALL day - sleeping... taking tylenols, shivering, hot, shivering, hot, etc...

Finally, at supper time he was able to sit at the table and eat, with me.

Here's how the conversation went:

Me: You know, that it might not have been proven, but usually men are sicker than women. (trying to be diplomatic)
Him: Well, everyone knows that a "Man Flu" is worst than a woman flu!
Me: (trying not to laugh)... A "MAN FLU"?!?!? Aaaah, you really BELIEVE that?
Him: Yes. It's a known fact. It was on the TV, the other day.
Me: Yah, well, they were probably joking!
Him: No, I don't think so.

At this point, I realize that he's been ill, all day, but I'm wondering if he REALLY means what he's saying! Maybe the "flu" affected his brain, somewhat.

Me: Well, I can't understand... men are SOOO much stronger than women. You're telling me that this "man flu" is worst than a "woman flu"?
Him: Well YES! You women couldn't survive a "man flu"!
Me: Well, maybe we should write to Tylenol and ask them to invent a "man flu pill".
Him: Yes, that's a very good idea! We should do that.

Continuation of conversation, this evening:

Me: What makes you think you've never gotten a "woman flu" before?
Him: Oh, men get them all the time. It's just a little nose twitch and then it's gone! It's so minor, we don't even bother mentioning it!


Anyway, I think he actually believes these thoughts! Me, I just laughed them off! LOL

Later on, in the evening, my Mom called and I told her about our conversation.. She was laughing SOO HARD!!! I just ended up shaking my head, on Gilbert's theory. LOL


P.S. Sent a copy of this to my sister. She wrote back, saying that she didn't plan on telling HER DH - She'd never live it down!" LOL

NOTE: Wrote this last Tuesday and posted it on the DJalternatelist.... Since then, I've gotten the "woman flu", I guess, and I feel like crap! Anyhow, thought I'd post this on my Blog. *s*


spinquilt said...

LOL ............ my girl friends and I have discussed how men are such babies when they are sick.I will have to tell them about the 'MAN FLU".......LOL

spinquilt said...

When I was at my quilting retreat this past weekend I told the girls about the "MAN FLU"
and they roared with laughter. Thanks for the humour.

Brigitte said...

Gilbert is so funny, but I'm afraid he believe what he is talking! Giggling here

Hope you feel better SOOOOON