Rosa's World

Thursday, March 13, 2008

DJ - Siggies - ironing

Thought I'd show you a picture of me, wrestling with my fabric and iron....
for this year's DJ Siggie Swap! *grin*

NOTE: You can see my pieced DJ triangles, on my "wall". Kinda put those aside and have been working on DJ blocks, for swapping and NOW, the Siggie Swap!!!! Ain't this fun?!?? LOL


Mary Ann said...

Wooo, Rosa, those tris are looking really good!!! I'm in a slump...need three more tris and two kites and I'm done piecing! I think I'm having an avoidance issue, as I don't want to be "finished" with my Jane!!!! Have a great weekend! Mary Ann in DK

spinquilt said...

Love your tris. I am not reading any of the siggy swap postings, especially from you or Susan. I don't need to start another project right now.........LOL.......I just purchased fibre for my other addiction so have more than enough to keep me busy. Have fun with the swap.