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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Making Friends... Easy Peasy!

Hi there!

Gilbert and I went out to our local Quilt Shop
and picked up a cone of
variegated thread, called "Sea Moss".

And I decided to treat myself to 2 patterns
from a local quilt designer,
Gerri Richards, of Cool Cat Designs!

Gerri also has an Etsy Shop, as well...

"Making Friends"
This pattern finishes at 13-1/2 X 15-1/2 inches
but I have a plan.
*tapping the side of her head with her forefinger*

Remember the Snow People swap that I'm doing?
Well, these 2 will be right smack dab in the center!

How cool is that, eh?

And the title that Gerri put on her pattern?
Well, that's just what I call Karma!

It was meant to be!

Gerri Richards ALSO teaches
quilting and sewing(?) classes,
in my city.

"Easy Peasy"

And since this spring, we've had
at least 5 quilty friends
bring their "Easy Peasy" quilts to us.

I just LOVE quilts that look complicated
but are really easy to make.
I can't WAIT to make this quilt!!!

This quilt can be made in various sizes -
from Baby to King size!

How neat is that, eh?

Well, these evening, Gilbert and I
got a WHOLE bunch of my quilts ready and packed.
We're going to a local fair, called:

"Holiday Extravaganza"

Hopefully, we'll get to sell a couple quilts, eh?

Have a great weekend!



Cool Cats and Quilts said...

Hi Rosa, I hope you like my patterns, I am sure they will turn out just fantastic! I actually also have a blog at coolcatsandquiltsblogspot, I am not a great blogger, but am trying. I think I will have to get you to teach me a few tricks. My niece loved her quilt, thank you and Gilbert for the great quilting on it!! Gerri

Barb said...

Good luck selling the quilts.

You should give us a trunk show of them all before you sell them...just saying!!