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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Two Weeks - That's All !!!

Hi There!

I have a secret to share...

We've had our home on the market, to sell since September or October.

At the beginning of November, we had an offer on our home - which we joyfully accepted - and everything was supposed to close on the 25th of November!

Talk about panicking and starting to pack, seriously!!!

Unfortunately, after many, MANY boxes were packed and down to the last minute on the deadline, the deal fell through.


I had even packed all my fabric and sewing machine, thinking that I would only be 3 weeks of non-quilting.

This past Tuesday, I flipped!

Who KNOWS when our home would sell!??!?!

I needed to start sewing, once again!!!!

Since all of packed boxes were numbered and itemized on our note pad, I knew EXACTLY which boxes I needed!!!

I had only lasted 2 weeks without any sewing!!!

Gosh, but I'm addicted!!!


I pulled out April Cornell's "Victorian Decadence", that my friend Elaine had sent me a while back.

And, I decided to do the "Easy Peasy" pattern, from Gerri Richards!
(strips are cut and waiting for the next step in her directions)

(see the packed boxes?!?!?)

And tonight, I started to sew some of the blocks.... I'm always too curious to finish each step completely!


It's gonna look GORGEOUS!

And, of course, I'll be adding more to that pattern - stay tuned...

Don't all quilters do that? Follow a pattern but somehow or somewhere, they need to add their own little touch.

Hope you have a nice Friday!

I have tomorrow off.

My youngest son is graduating from College and I will be there, taking pictures!




Miriam said...

Congratulations to your son. You must be very proud!

Good luck with selling your home.

Barb said...

Sorry about your home, what a pain....glad you can get back to some sewing.

Congrats to your son!!

Susan said...

Such handsome boys you have.... I loved the picture with you in the middle. I bet you were in the middle a lot when they were young...VBG...

I am catching up and just found out that you were moving. Sorry about the deal falling through. I lived with that for three years and had one deal go off the tracks twice. It is a very hard life to live in a house that is on the market.

I will be keeping you in my prayers.