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Monday, November 21, 2011

Orca Bay - Take 1

Hi There!

As usual, I like to share my quilting adventures with you.


Orca Bay Mystery 2011

Bonnie Hunter suggested that we purchase 2 rulers:

The Easy Angle and the Companion Angle rulers.

I've ordered them from our local quilt store but one of them isn't in, yet.

Anyhow, for the first part, she said that we could do regular 1/2 square triangles, smack 'em together to make the "Hour Glass" block... or.... if you prefer, a Quarter Square Block.

She gave us a couple links but I found THIS video, to help me make my blocks.

Unfortunately, I wasn't too sure on what size I should cut my fabric....

Some didn't make it - they were too small.

I ended up with 24 blocks.... so far.

My incredibly warm and kind and generous friend, Frummie, gave me my early Christmas gift!

She got me the Half and Quarter square triangle pattern, from Inklingo!!!

Printed out a sheet of whitish fabric and a sheet of blackish fabric this evening. Will play with these, right after work tomorrow!!!!

Have a Marvelous Monday!



Elly D said...

Oh MY Goodness Rosa!! LOL... you're certainly in like Flynn!! Those QST look great!! Love your fabrics :)

Okay, tomorrow I'm going to fish out my blacks and neutrals and get going on this!!.....

honneral..... Respect everyone!!! LOL... well it's late so brain is done in ;))

scraphappy said...

Great looking blocks. In the end, they will all look great no matter what method we use to get there.

Cyn ;-) said...

GOOD GRIEF! but you are F A S T! You sure pumped these little blocks out in a hurry. How in the wide world do you manage to accomplish so much... do you even sleep at night? lol.
All kidding aside, your blocks look wonderful. Kudos to you, kiddo!
ps: did u put your blog link on the 'linky' thingie on bonnie's site?

Frummie said...

Hi Sweetie,

I think you only have to print the light color QST, I could be wrong...not often though...LOL

Your blocks look YUMMO!!!!!

Helen in the UK said...

Good job on your progress so far :)

Candace said...

They're so pretty. I hope your rulers get there soon, but meanwhile you are learning other methods.

Ellen said...

They do look nice up on your design wall!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm excited to find another Canadian on Bonnie's blog page this morning when I printed out the part 2 instructions for the OB mystery quilt. Your blocks looked great! I haven't started my part 1 yet because I am waiting to go shopping in QC city next week to get the companion ruler and the ez angle ruler first and then dive in head first lol
By the way I'm from Gaspe,Quebec and there isn't a fabric store in town. I'm looking forward to getting some shopping at Fabricville next week... have a great weekend! Glad to have found your blog, Heather