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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Picture Sharing.

 Hi There!

Picture sharing time, once again.

Gilbert's wrist pincushion was getting pretty raggedy.  So, he went on-line to find a nice, puffy and big-enough-for-a-man, wrist pincushion.

We ordered 2 from 2 different spots on-line and it certainly wasn't what we were expecting.

Sooooo, once again, it was Rosa to the rescue.

Made this one from the leftover fabrics of "Be Happy".  You know - the baby quilt that we sent to his daughter?   S'nice to use up every little bit of fabric that I have here!   


A few weeks ago, we placed an order of thread, for Gilbert and Bertha, our Gammill longarm.

Once this thread arrived, Gilbert needed a place to "display" them.  He made another wall board, with pegs to hang these big cones of thread.

On this picture, there's either no varnish or just 1 coat.

Can't remember.  

And here it is, proudly hanging in its place!

It has been terribly hot 'n humid this past week or so.  And, to be honest, heat and I are not really the best of friends....

I've been going into my Quilting Studio and most times, just pant in front of my portable fan and "ponder".  I might lift a bit of fabric.... just to place it in another spot. LOL

Anyhow, this morning is a new day!  I hope to work on one of my Dear Jane blocks and finish the top of my Christmas Eye Spy quilt, today!

Wish me luck!

P.S. I forgot that I have 12 more "Mug Rugs" or coasters to make, for a cousin's friend.   HEY!  I'm gettin' paid for these!  *VBG*

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