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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Print 'n Sew With Inklingo!

Hi There!

I'm not sure if any of you remember me mentioning "Inklingo"
 before but it truly IS an incredible quilting tool!

Do any of you remember when you first heard about 
rotary cutters and "self-healing" cutting mats?



Once you've tried Inklingo, 
you'll understand why Inklingo 
is setting the quilting world on it's ears!

Here's how I can explain Inklingo in a nutshell:

You cut your freezer paper to 8-1/2" X 11"
Iron it on the RIGHT side of your fabric.
With your rotary cutter,
trim your fabric and FP back to
8-1/2" X 11"

Open up your Inklingo PDF.
Select the block you wish to print and ink color.
Put your freezer paper
piece in your printer tray.
Click "Print".
Once printed, remove your FP.

Your sewing lines are now on your fabric,
ready to be cut 
either with your scissors or rotary cutter
and ready to be sewn....
either by hand or by sewing machine!

And here's Linda Franz's
 Quick Start Guide 
It explains a little more about printing on fabric.

Now, the creator behind Inklingo
is always busy creating
new and incredible Inklingo patterns.

She has recently designed over 300 + 
different Hexagon patterns!!! 

And we all know that hexes are the latest craze!

My goal is to make all of them!
And to blog about each and every one of them!
I'm making them at 6 inches.

This is Hexagon #1

For those of you that already have this Inklingo pattern,
and would like to follow me on my
Inklingo Hexagon adventure,
you will need....

Hexagon the Other Half, at 1.50
Triangle, at 1.50

Did I mention that I'll be handpiecing them?  

Here's the back of my hexagon, 
not yet ironed.

And here's the back of my ironed hexagon...

See the nice, neat sewing lines?
When you handpiece with Inklingo,
its almost IMPOSSIBLE to not
make a PERFECT block!

Inset seams are now


You end up with the cutest "rosettes"
and your block lays nice and flat!

NOTE:  When you finally decide to get OFF the fence and TRY Inklingo, you will be asked where you heard about Inklingo.  
PLEASE click on my name as I'm an "Associate".


Have a Terrific Thursday!



Frummie said...

I am right there beside you. Block by block. Thanks for the ride.



Frummie said...


Elly D said...

Great post about Inklingo Rosa :) So this is the first block in 300?
But I have to ask, who is Pablo and what happened to José? ;)))
hugs Ellyx

ps not my fault it was the security word - Pidedlo which almost means 'ask her' in Spanish LOL

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I am making some big hexies but my pattern is a little different from yours - I am using Inklingo with the big hexies that have a star in the center - I haven't been back to them in awhile and only have six done, I really need to finish a few things first and then will get back to it.