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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Winter Twitterings in July

 Hi There!

Remember my Redwork book that my friend Frummie 
had given to me, while in Florida?

I had blogged about it here.

Here's a picture of the back of the book.

I believe there's 12 blocks
and they give you a multitude of 
other projects you can make 
with these blocks!

I had uploaded and shared with you
the first block that I had made.

It seemed to take me FOREVER
to embroider this!

Day before yesterday, I finally finished
the second block.

And while working on this one,
I came to what I call
an "Executive Decision".

I will NOT be making this entire quilt.

Its too long, there's waaaay too many 
twigs and berries and holly leaves, etc, etc, etc. 
I will be using these 2, that are completed, 
as labels for the back of 2 quilts.
Nothing wasted!
No, I will not give up on this project.
Maybe someday, I'll re-start it.
 Who knows, eh?

But, for now, 
I have other projects that I wish to work on.
Hope you're all have a Super Sunday!

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