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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Nails By Rosa

Hi There!

I've recently gotten into Gellish nail polishes or "Soak Off" polishes.  I have the Gellish lamp and lots of polishes and stuff.

This afternoon, I picked up a few more colors. I decided to take a chance and see how the Gelaze brand works v.s. the Gellish brand. Both are "soak off" polishes. Gelaze is not as expensive AND the "foundation" coat is built in. BONUS!!!

From left to right, let me introduce to you my new colors:

Gelaze - White on White. The sales girl told me this is EXCELLENT for French Manicures. You don't need to do a 2nd coat, like the Gellish brand.

Gelaze - Re-Fresh Mint. The color is the EXACT same color as the outside of the bottle. I like that.

Gelaze - Exceptionally Gifted. My collection was lacking some nice summer colors. This one fits the bill, I believe.

Gelaze - Fairy Dust. This is a transparent, teeny, tiny, transparent and sparkly polish. To be used alone... if you don't want too much color or to be brushed onto other colors for a little "Fairy Dust" pick me uppper!

Gelaze - Shocking Pink. Once again, it looks... well... in your face.... the same color as the bottle but it can be used as an accent paint, or to make some fancy flowers.... whatever.

Kosmic Colors is just regular polish. It was on sale for $1.50 and I just LOVED the sparkly bronze colors. I can easily see on toes.

And finally, I bought a Gellish bottle, called "Izzy Wizzy, Let's Get Busy". It gives a transparent Mother of Pearl kind of look. I could easily use this as a base coat of paint for a French Manicure. I think it would look nice. 

Soooo, this is another of my artistic venues.  Right now, I'm looking for guinea pigs, to practice on.  My goal is to get good enough, someday, and work from my kitchen.

Have a Terrific Thursday!


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