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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Zelda 'n Bandit's Daily Journal - Getting Royal Belly Rubs

Zelda 'n Bandit's Daily Journal:

Zelda here. Our fur Mommy left for groceries this morning, came back, put groceries away and proceeded to fill up a bag and ... well... Bandit and I figured out that she was on a mission and we were not invited.

She went on an afternoon picnic, outside, by the beach, with her friends and came back 4 hours later! It felt like FURRR-EVER!!!

We got our revenge by giving her the Sniff Test, many times over!

Afterwards, I went to see my fur Daddy, laid on my back and asked for my Royal Belly Rub. Daddy took a picture 'cause he thought I was cute.

Daddy's my new friend! At least, until its time to play or eat and at which point, I will have forgotten that Mommy abandoned us.

Tomorrow's another day....

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