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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Frummie and Charlie's Quilt

Hi There!

Doesn't this look like a picture from a home decorating magazine?!??!

Last year, Frummie sent Gilbert and Bertha, our Longarm machine, their quilt to be quilted.

Once quilted, we returned the quilt to our friends and.... for various reasons, Frummie finally finished the binding on this beauty 2 weeks ago. She sent me this picture and said I could post it, if I wanted to share with you.

Yet another picture I've been meaning to share.

I've been busy working on my Snow People swap blocks. I'll post of picture in the following weeks.

I'm also trying to keep up with Bonnie Hunter's "Orca Bay Mystery Quilt".

Also, in my news, I'd like to share a new-to-me social media group that I am COMPLETELY enamored with!!!

It's called "Pinterest".

You create your own "bulletin" board and can name it whatever you wish. You "Pin" images from the web, or from other Pinterest members. I know it sounds silly but you would not BELIEVE the beautiful images I've seen, the crafty ideas, tips and tricks to help around the house and more!

It's addictive, it's educational, it's fun and also helpful.

Hope you give it a try. If you need an invitation, give me a hollar!



Elly D said...

What a beautiful quilt! Goes to show that the simplest of settings is the best! Great quilting too :) and Frummie, your bedroom is so cosy looking :))
Oh you're not going to believe this... the word is
bedwori.... LOL I don't think there'll be any worry in this bed... LOL...

Barb said...

Oh...what a fun room, the quilt is just wondeful.

I just recently got on pinterest but it is still very new to me.

Mary said...

The picture does look like a magazine photo. It is wonderful.

Marianna said...

Woiw amazing Frummie! It is so beautiful! And Gilbert did a great job! Rosa, giving you a hollar for an invitation on pinterest! Would love to explore it! Need to find a fun and small present to easy be made before x-mas!

Cyn ;-) said...

Gorgeous quilt. Love the room -- it does look like a magazine photo!
Isn't Pinterest great? Loads of good info there.
Your Snow People are in several places on the web, Rosa. What fun! Now all of us that had the opportunity to join the swap and didn't are pea-green with envy! lol.