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Saturday, December 31, 2011

*High Five*.... Day 2 and 3 DONE !!!

Hi There!


Prairie Moon Quilts
"2011 Final Countdown" Contest

Day 2 ... we were supposed to look around in our sewing space and find a UFO and work on it. This blouse was on the back of my sewing chair for over a week and I KNOW it would have been there for a month or more, if Shelly and her blog contest hadn't encouraged me!


Today, I repaired that seam that needed to be re-sewn and this evening, I sewed 2 missing buttons on it.

Ready to wear for work, next week!

Day 3....

We were to pull out ANOTHER UFO and fall in love with it, again... and work on it.

This birthday Siggie quilt was "quilted" in May.... This evening, thanks to Shelly, from Prairie Moon Quilts, I FINALLY decided to sew the label on this quilt. Good thing, too! My birthday's in February and I'd like to sleep underneath it, FINALLY!

Well, my last blog for this year.

Please come back, next year...



Cyn ;-) said...

Good show!
Good luck, Rosa, I hope you win the contest!

Susan said...

What a good feeling it is to get those little things done....

Same thing going on here........