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Friday, December 30, 2011

Orca Bay - Take 6

Hi There!

Well, by late afternoon,
I finally assembled all of Part 6,
to the Orca Bay Mystery Quilt!

I managed to straighten out, a bit, my sewing room and will continue tomorrow.... in hopes to share pictures of a much improved Quilt Studio and finishing Step 1 to the Prairie Moon 2011 Final Countdown.

Step 2 - Is to finish off a UFO.

I have my favorite green lime blouse, downstairs, that needs new buttons and a seam that needs sewn. No, it's not a quilty thing but if if wasn't for this challenge, this blouse would probably STILL be languishing there, this time... next year!

Soooooo, tomorrow, I don't need to go out and do errands. I will be...
a) cleaning out my studio and taking pictures.
b) fixing up my blouse
c) working on my Orca Bay Mystery blocks.

Oh.... here's what I've got done, so far...
(this is Part 6)

28 "black" blocks and
28 "white" blocks.

Hope you all have a Fantastic Friday!


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