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Friday, December 30, 2011

Prairie Moon's "2011 Final Countdown" Contest

Hi There!

My friend Shelly, over at Prairie Moon Quilts
has her annual "Final Countdown" contest.

Not only can you win a lovely surprise-prize..... Hey, maybe we should invent a new word, here, called "Sur-Prize" - but she also gets you to get off your butt and ACCOMPLISH something.

There's 3 parts to her contest and it started yesterday....

Check it out, here...

Well, yesterday I had to go to work, but once I got home, I started to work on my "Orca Bay Mystery" blocks.

Here's a picture of my design wall.

Some of you might remember that we thought we'd be moving by the end of November and it all fell through. Sooooo, even though I pulled out a quite a few things out of my boxes, I've still got a lot of quilty stuff all packed.

Here, I need to pull out that partially packed box, on the corner of my table and get rid of it!

See behind my chair? I have very little room to move! Boxes are stacked up and yes... I've lost a good part of my design wall, as well. I need to tackle this issue, as well.

And as I was working on my Orca Bay Mystery Quilt, I accumulated scraps and snips and orphan blocks. I truly need to get these organized before it grows into a monster!

And these 4 or 5 bags of scrap?

Yepper.... I need to pull these out and cut them into 2-1/2" strips, for future projects, or into 1-1/4" strips for that Lego Quilt that I had started. Strips that are smaller than that now gets tossed out.

Soooo.... it's now 9h25 a.m.

I will work on the Orca Bay blocks till noon.

After dinner - that's "lunch" for you other people - I will tackle these "issues", take pictures and then report back.

Thanks Shelly for this contest!



Barb said...

Your design wall looks fantastic and I really enjoyed seeing your room.

Cyn ;-) said...

What a fun visit to your studio. Even mostly packed up it still looks great! As long as you can sew, cut, press... you're good to go!
Your Orca blocks are super! Wow, you are making teriffic progress on this Mystery!
Cyn; -)