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Monday, December 31, 2007

Computer Maintenance - #1 (Backups are IMPORTANT!!!)

I thought I'd start a series and hopefully post a new "maintenance" trick or suggestion or hint or whatever you want to call it, at the beginning of every month, for computers.

FIRST of all - DO A BACKUP!!! It's not once you've lost your important pictures, data, favorite recipes and special links, etc, that you kick yourself in the butt, with regrets... it's too late, by then. :-(

Second, get yourself an external HD (Hard Drive). These babies are relatively cheap and easy to use... and there's TONS of space on them, too!

And third of all, Gilbert, my DH (dear husband) does a lot of research, on the net. During this past year, we have been using "Cloneur Expert" for our backups. This does an EXACT copy of your computer - your operating system, etc. It's like a "mirror image" of your computer. When you do get a computer crash, no need to re-install your Windows system, your anti-virus system, work on all your personal settings, etc, etc. This can be time consuming... trust me, Gilbert and I both know!

The English version to this program is called "Acronis True Image". Do a google search for it, read up what others have to say about it... trust me, it's well worth all your pennies! *s*

All this being said, even if you DO have an external HD and even IF you get a program to help with backups.... you still need to FAITHFULLY do your backups!


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Donna C said...

Hi Rosa,
I loved all your compter tips they were very helpful. My question to you DH is how can I clean up my laptop without opening it up. It has over heated on me several times already and shutdown on its own. I bought one of those small fans that you can clamp on a table and direct the fan at the laptop when it's hot out and that helps the fan not run so often. Any other suggestions??

Donna C.