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Friday, December 7, 2007


Last weekend, I posted a request to the DJ forum, with respect to snoring and solutions. I was astonished at all the replies that I had received!!! Probably about 40 or so Janiacs came to my rescue with solutions or advice. *VBG*

So, I thought I would post here a compilation of suggestions.

Move to another room - Can't. We no longer have a spare bedroom and DH wouldn't like that. *s*

Wear earplugs - I suggested that he does that. He thought I was joking when I first suggested it. Needless to say, he wasn't interested.

Elevate head with either a 2nd pillow or a special (contoured?) one - When I suggested this, he said, "You know, our pillows are rather old and have become flat. We'll pick up a couple more this weekend." Possible solution.

A sip of whiskey before bedtime - Well, we have a drinky poo, during the weekend. DH loves his martinis. Me, I varie... sometimes it's a Bloody Caesar or a fruity drink, or a smoothie. Not always the same drink for me. Anyhow, this doesn't help. *grin*

Loose weight - Apparently that's an issue, with respect to snoring. Unfortunately, it's an issue with me, too. LOL

Strips (like band aides) worn on the nose - Apparently it works for some but not everyone.
Possible solution.

A special spray to help loosen up the mucus in the back of the throat -
Possible solution. I promised myself to go ask my pharmacist what she recommends AFTER I've seen my family doctor. ETV (Estimated time of visit)? I'll probably call up for an appointment after the holidays.

Sleep apnea test - Once again, I'll go see my doctor, after the holidays. But asked DH if I stop breathing while I'm snoring and he said "no". I also don't wake up with a headache, nor do I feel tired in the morning. Asked my Mom about "sleep apnea", as Dad has one of those machines. She said chances are that I don't have it, but it would certainly stop (or help) me from snoring.

NOTE: Most suggested this test and stressed how important it was.

Anyhow, that's about it. I think DH only poked and prodded me one evening, this week, because of my snoring. Either he was sleeping too profoundly and I didn't wake him up.... or, I've simmered down on the noise level. *grin*

Thanks to all of those that sent me emails. I've tried to reply to everyone. If I haven't, I appologize. *s*


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Rosa Robichaud said...

This was sent to me, just recently, from Kathy:


One more possible solution to snoring is a dental appliance called "the silencer" available from your dentist - cost $1400 or so. It fits snugly over all your teeth, pulls your bottom teeth forward, opening your airway. There is no more snoring and it doesn't bother you much at night - just for the first couple weeks it seems weird. Then it seems weird to sleep without it. Easy to travel with.

Kathy Nelles