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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Braggin' Buys - Hair Cut - NOT!!!!!

Hi there!

As promised, I'd post my recent "Braggin' Buys". *grin*

Gilbert, my DH (Dear Husband) has recently been asking me if I was going to get my hair dyed, again. We went through this, last fall, till I finally looked him in the eyes and asked, "Does it really bother you - all my grey hair? Because it really doesn't bother me." Well, he had that deer-in-the-headlight-look and mumbled, "No, it's okay. I was just thinking about you."

Yah, right....


Anyhow, months go by and last Friday evening, he asked,
"Will you be dying your hair soon, dear? I'll even pay for it, if you want."

Well, at that point, seeing as I'm cheap - no wait, I'm "frugal" - at least that's what my friend Barb has taught me to say... LOL.

Anyhow, I figure since he's about as "frugal" as I, and he's willing to PAY for the darn dye, then I'll "bite". But, I mentioned that I really needed a hair cut, too. Once again, he steps up to bat and says, "Well, since I'm going to the Barber shop and the girls there said they do women's hair, I'll even pay for your hair cut!"

Now, bear in mind that Mother's Day is the next day, right?

Yah, yah, yah... I know it's a long story, but I'm leading up to my "point"... *grin*

Anyhow, with reluctance, that I'm trying desperately not to show,
I agree to get my hair cut, at the "Barber Shop"....
I sit in the chair and the (nice) girl asks, "How do you want your hair cut."
Since I'm not THAT fussy, I reply, "Short."

First mistake. (see pics below)

********** Folks, this is what 9 dollars gets you.... *grin* ************

My only thoughts, at this point are.... well, at least it'll grow in...... RIGHT? (Please say YES!) LOL

Anyhow, then off to Shopper's Drug Mart. I tell Gilbert since he's paying for the dye, he can pick the color... my only stipulation is that it's a "shampoo", rather than a permanent dye-job.

He picks a dark "brown".
NOTE: My natural hair color BEFORE it turned grey was "blonde".

2nd mistake.

Somehow, the dye made my hair colour turn out like a reddish auburn....

Not too, too bad, but certainly NOT what I had expected. LOL

Anyhow, all this to tell you that sometimes you DO get what you paid for!

The 2 things that have avoided me pulling out my hair?
It's only a "shampoo" - I hope!
The hair will grown in - I hope!

Once again, thanks for reading my blog....



Caron said...

Rosa, the house next door to me is for sale. Plenty of room for a quilting studio. Backs up to the woods and a creek. Very lovely. I would love it if you lived next to me. I'd be laughing all the time. We'd have such fun! Flushing, Michigan isn't THAT far from Canada! You can get to the border in an hour, tops. Much closer to Shipshe for you. Great quilt shop in town! Lansing is only 45 minutes away, and they have a quilt shop that ROCKS!


Elly D said...

Rosa, yes it grows!! LOL and second good point is that since it's short it won't take long before you can cut your colour out too.... Just kidding you.... your hair is fine.. but I'd try the hairdresser next time if I were you.... seems the barber only knows one hair cut.... short back and sides. lol.
Seriously it'll be dead easy to keep. Thank you for the laugh anyway...Hugs Ellyx