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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Braggin' Buys - Tole Painting

Hi there!

I've been reading my friend, Nancy's blog, daily and she often posts (with pictures) on the wonderful buys, that she finds... Mind you, I've had to wipe the drool from my mouth a few times, but I DO so enjoy her posts. *s*

Sooooo, I thought I'd start up my own,
titled "Braggin' Buys", instead of "Bargain Buys" - get it?!?? LOL

Anyhow, this morning, Gilbert needed to go to "Kent's Building Supplies" - it's a big box store with lots of building and wood supplies, home decorating stuff, gardening, etc, etc.
I'm sure you get the picture.

Anyhow, he takes off like a bat out of hell,
as most men do when they're on a mission to "pick up" something:
1 - find it,
2 - pay for it
3 - get out there, QUICK! LOL

We parted our own ways (read: I lost track of which aisle he went jogging down),
the minute I saw my first sale bin! LOL


If you do any tole painting, like I do, on occasion...
you know that these little suckers are either hard to find or fairly expensive !!

Look at ALL the stuff!
It's not easy to see in this pic, but I've stacked up a lot of "things" - 3 teddie bears, tons of hearts, stars and snowflakes, 1 wooden button, 5 wooden pegs and ... see those little round items, at the bottom of the pic? They're miniature sewing spools - 22 of them! Plus, 2 different sizes of miniature books, 1 LOVELY moose, 5 (half) eggs, 2 wooden "signs" - like to write "Gone Fishing" or whatever, and a whole bunch of other "stuff".

They might not be useful, right at this minute....
but the will come in handy, "some" day. *grin*

Check out the price on this 1 big star!
It "was" $3.29 and they knocked the price down to 89 cents.

NOW.... here's the "Braggin' Buy"......
Check what it cost me - TOTAL!!!!
Are you sitting down?!??!? LOL
(picture below)


YEP!!! 1 big WHOLE fat dollar!!! Now, when they say "Clearance", they really DO mean "Clearance"!!! *VBG*
The bonus, on top of that?!??
Gilbert paid for it!!! Now, wasn't he generous?!?? *VBG*

NOTE: Items are already sorted out and put into zip-lock bags.
What did we EVER do BEFORE zip-locks were invented?!? *s*

Hope you all have yourself a great "Braggin' Buy Day"!!!


Bluejanem said...

Sooo Jealous Rosa - love the Moose! What a great buy - and I agree even better because your husband paid - LOL!
Cheers - Jane

Nancy-Rose said...

Now that's my kind of BARGAIN!!!

cuuuuuuute moose!