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Saturday, May 17, 2008

DJ - Triangles all PIECED !!!!

Hi there!

This weekend, here in Canada, is the long weekend. Monday is "Victoria Day".
To be honest, no one ever really does anything special on this day
'cept be grateful that they have it off... LOL

Anyhow, this afternoon, I decided to FINALLY finish piecing my triangles.

*PHEW !!!!*
What a relief!

Afterwards, I was SOOOO glad that it was over, that I sorted out ALL my Dear Jane fabrics and put them in plastic tote bins... according to "color".

Leftover fabric will be used to make a log cabin quilt.

I had seen this quilt in a quilt store, last fall and fell in love with it.

Christmas time was coming along (last year) and I slid him a piece of paper with the name of the book and the author - DH (Dear Hubby) LOVES to shop on line!!! LOL

Guess what I got for Christmas?!? *VBG*

Anyhow, it uses Civil War prints and it's a scrappy log cabin,
with appliqué'd flowers and vines, here and there. It's GORGEOUS!!!

Anyhow..... I promised that I would finish off a whole bunch of UFO's,
before I got into another quilt project....

I just wish there were more minutes, in a day!



Elly D said...

Congratulations!!!!!! I wish I were that far... maybe do a triangle tomorrow... maybe.
I know what you mean about PP I feel the same way, not really that keen on it. But it does do the job good when you need it too.

Suzanne H said...

Rosa--They look terrific! What colors have you picked for your next DJ now that you're so close to finishing this one? ;)

Mary Ann said...

Congrats on finishing all of your tris, Rosa!!! What an accomplishment!! I'm three tris away from it myself!! LOL!! Having some kind of mental blockage here!!!! LOL!!! Have a great day! Hugs, Mary Ann

Carol B said...

Wow, Rosa!! Good job on those triangles. Can't wait to finish mine, too.

Carol B