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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Misc. - Attic shelf finished!

Hi there!

Sunday after noon and I was uploading and writing the blog on yesterday's errands.

Gilbert (my Dear Hubby) sat down and starting watching what I was doing.

"Hey", he says, "How about I go back UPSTAIRS and take a picture of the shelf unit?
I've finished it!"

We have an old house with a VERY steep roof - I think it's called the "pitch" and there's supposed to be a number to that, but don't ask me what the number to our "pitch" is... LOL

Anyhow, it's a wonderful spot to store Christmas decorations, out-of-season clothes and those empty software boxes that are usually 50 times (or more) the size of the actually gadget, inside!

Anyhow, Gilbert wanted to build another shelving unit, to store some more items. This is what he had worked on, when we got back, yesterday ... while I was downstairs, sewing. *VBG*

So, here's his "fancy".... no, better use the word.. "solid" shelving unit!



Elly D said...

Well done Gilbert! He wouldn't like to come and put mine up they are still sitting in a vertical position in the hallway. Not much use for storing any fabric, it slides off. lol.

Love the picture of the wee boy getting a haircut >G<

Hugs Elly

spinquilt said...

Do you loan him out. My hubby does not do shelves