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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Misc. - Saturday Morning Errands

Hi there!

Anyone that knows me, knows that I HATE the dreaded "Saturday Morning Errands".

A few have asked, "Well, what do you do that's so bad?"

It's just the fact that I work, from Monday through Friday, and I LOVE to stay home...
What can I say? I'm a "home body". LOL

It usually starts by Monday evening, where Gilbert (my Dear Hubby) starts to note down, what needs to be done, on Saturday.... as the week progresses, the list gets longer and longer - gritting my teeth and groaning, inside, each time he tells me that we need/should go to a certain place,
Saturday morning. *sigh*

Anyhow, this week, Gilbert got a notice that his car registration was due.
In New Brunswick, Canada, every year, your car has to be "registered". Apparently, last year, his registration cost (approx.) $50.00 - this year, it's gone up to $75.00.

So, he says, "How about we go there, FIRST thing Saturday morning and the line-up won't be so bad?" Sounds like a good plan to me.

Arrive at "New Brunswick Service" office and there doesn't appear to be a line-up... at 1st glance. Then, we realize all these people sitting down, with a "number" in their hands. *BIG GROAN*

We figure out where to get our number - we're number A51. As you might be able to see, A14 is on the picture, down below....

FINALLY!!! A50 appears on the screen. You would THINK with the price increase on the darn registration that the "service" would be better, eh?!?!?

NOTE: We got there at 9h05, finally got to the counter and did our business, which took about 5 minutes..... Left this place (approx.) 45 minutes later!

Then, we head off to check our lotto tickets - we won 2 FREE tickets! Okay, not enough to go visit my quilting friends, all over the world, you might say... but HEY! maybe next lotto draw, eh? *grin*

Next, I need to send off a parcel. Our "main" post office is only open during the week.
But, most of our pharmacies have postal outlets.

Since Gilbert has a new "wood" project on the go, we head off to "Home Depot".

Here's Gilbert, checking out the wood, to be sure the wood is straight and not too "knotty".

Here's a picture of his Toyota Matrix - GOSH, do we love our Matrixes... TONS of room in the back. These planks of wood are 8 ft long and the hatchback shuts, after they're inside, too!

Mind you, I had to sit in the back seat (as the front passenger was down), behind him. I kept telling him that he should be opening and closing the door for me, if I'm to sit in the back and act like the Queen! LOL

By now, it's 11h30 and Gilbert had promised to pay for lunch - Personally, I think it was his way of buttering me up, since I had to go(?) with him, on these darn errands. (LOL)

We selected "Mother Nature's" as they (usually) have great lebanese/greek food.

It's kinda like a cafeteria style service. The young fellow that served us wasn't really on the ball, as he got our orders mixed up, BIG TIME... but since we weren't really THAT fussy and only realized it when we got to our tables... we ate it all, nevertheless. *s*

Then, we headed off to "City Road Bakery", to pick up some frozen pizza dough and a couple "feuilletés" - that's a flaky pastry, for when we got home.

And wouldn't you know it, I forgot to take a picture, there! :-(

Anyhow, just before we got home, we stopped off at our local "Tim Horton's", to pick up a couple "timmies". *s*

We usually go through the "Drive Through", as the line ups inside can sometimes be fairly long.
Here's a pic of their menu.

Okay, don't get too excited! LOL
I happened to have gotten this picture in an email, this morning and thought I'd add it here.


Here's a picture of our 2 "timmies"....

FINALLY get to make it home and relax. Spent the rest of the afternoon finishing my triangles on my Dear Jane.

Hope you enjoyed accompanying me, on my (typical) Saturday Morning Errands. *s*


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