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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Braggin' Buys - Canada Poste

Braggin' Buys
- Not really, but read on! *grin*

Hi there!

Okay, Gilbert and I did our Saturday morning errands, yesterday (Friday), after work.

THANK GOD! As some of you might know, I HATE Saturday morning errands!

Anyhow, this morning.... Saturday.... Gilbert declares that he needs to get his hair cut and I wanted to pick up some more stamps, for the "Birthday Siggie Swap".

Sooo, we head out the door, AGAIN, on this gorgeous Saturday morning. Not too bad - hair cuts are quick and I DO need stamps! *grin*

At the pharmacy, where they have a postal outlet, I asked the young fellow at the counter if he had any other kind of stamps, other than the same old boring stamps, with the Queen of England, on it. Don't mean to offend you "Royalty" fans out there, but after awhile, I like to have DIFFERENT kinds of stamps.

Anyhow, I picked up a booklet of international stamps, with British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill. The photographer was Canadian - somewhat. Okaaaaaay.... these are "different", right? *grin*

Then, since I needed some stamps to go to the USA, I asked him if he had "different" kinds.

"No, I'm sorry.", he replied.

Well, didn't I spy the Anne of Green Gables stamps??!? Now, I ask you, what kind of idiot designed these gorgeous stamps, just for CANADA?!?! Most Canadians already KNOW about Anne of Green Gables and that, if they wish to see her home, etc, etc... they need to travel to Prince Edward Island, Canada, to see "Anne of Green Gables, with an "e", as Anne has always stated! *grin*

BTW, her books are EXCELLENT - whether you're a teenage girl or an ADULT teenage girl! *grin*

Anyhow, how do you promote tourism?!?!? Well, certainly NOT by making nice stamps, just for Canada!!! Anyhow, I digress, once again...

The "blue" picture is what is written behind the booklet of stamps.

Then, since there wasn't enough postage, with the Anne of Green Gables stamps, to mail to the USA, I asked him if he could figure out the difference and give me "other" stamps. A young teenage boy, early Saturday morning, has difficulty to understand "complicated" requests. LOL

So, Gilbert and I had to explain to him, slowly, that I would be adding EXTRA stamps to make up the difference and could he give me X amount of 25 cent stamps and X amount of 10 cent stamps and then, X amount of 1 cent stamps. Well, towards the end of the calculations and instead of him taking the time to count LOTS of 1 cent stamps, he "wakes" up and says, "Well, we have 9 cent stamps. That would be enough."

"Great!", Gilbert and I both reply.

CHECK OUT THE 9 CENT STAMP!!!! I had NO IDEA that Canada made these!!!!

I left there, grinning from ear to ear!!!!

So, for all you quilting Canucks, you might want to pick some of these 9 cent stamps!!! And for those of you yet to receive a Siggie from me... who knows, eh? This 9 cent stamp might be on your enveloppe!!! *grin*

Have a GREAT sewing day!


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Nancy-Rose said...


I'm so totally going to be getting some of those stamps.

Hmmmm....let's you suppose the front of an envelope is big enough to put 17 stamps on to send international?? LOL