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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Braggin' Buys - File Cabinet

Hi there!

A while back, Gilbert asked me to keep an eye on posts from "Freecycle",
for a filing cabinet.

If you've never checked out that website, you should!
There's a "Freecyle" in your part of the world, I'm sure!

Anyhow, it's a spot on the internet, where you post to GIVE away stuff.
No monies exchanged!!!
And it keeps fairly good stuff, out of the local dumps.
Good for the environment and good for your pocketbook, too! *grin*

Anyhow, he needed a file cabinet, to put up in our attic...
for "archived" documents - bills, receipts, etc, etc.

Well, yesterday afternoon, someone posts that they're giving away a file cabinet.
I quickly sent them a message and we were the first ones to contact her,
so it was ours! We high tailed it over there and picked it up, ASAP! *grin*

This morning, we pulled that BIG file cabinet out of my Toyota Matrix.
Did I mention that I LOVE my Matrix?!?? LOL

It doesn't look heavy, but it IS! We lugged it up the backstairs...
up 1 flight of stairs.

Here's Gilbert cleaning it up and straightening up a few (minor)
bent pieces.

Well, chit chat, chat chat.... I suggest to him
(rather than lug that monstrosity UP our narrow stairs to the attic),
that it would be more pratical to have it in our "craft room".

Gilbert says, "Yah, but there's no room for it in the Craft Room."
So, I suggest that it's time that I did a good cleaning up,
in there and bring all my "craft" stuff downstairs in my sewing room.


Three bookcases crammed back with books, containers full of sequins, beads,
crafty feathers, odds and ends, etc, etc, etc.

Sooooo.... rather than do some sewing, today, I was a good girl and
sorted, piled stuff in 3 boxes for my crafty cousin and threw stuff out.

Feels good that it's finally done, but it wasn't much fun at the time....
Then, I remembered my friend Barb and her hubby are in the
middle of cleaning out their house to move from the East coast
to the West coast of Canada. Not a mean feat....
When I thought of them, I stopped thinking those nasty words
that were rolling around in my head! LOL

NOTE: When we moved in our home, in 2000, Gilbert told me that this was MY room.

We baptised it the "Craft Room".
Hmmmmm.... I actually only got 1/2 of the room.
The other 1/2 has 2 of his file cabinets, typing machine, fax machine and empty boxes of software and hardware stuff, etc, etc.

Anyhow, here's a pic of our "Craft Room", that needs to be cleaned up.

Here's a picture of the "tip of the iceberg".

By then, I had lugged a whole bunch of stuff, downstairs.

Here's the room.... all tidied up, FINALLY!!!

Since these were 2 old, but not antique bookcases, and in rough shape...

Gilbert decided to chop off a part of one of them,
and attach to the bottom one.
We didn't have enough room for this BIG file cabinet
AND 2 bookcases.

And here's a picture that I took,
from the INSIDE of that room.

Oh yah... I forgot to mention that I went to a yard sale,
today... on a Sunday morning, imagine, eh?!??

Found the last 2 Harry Potter books, for my collection - 3 bucks each!

And, I wanted to designate a wall, in my sewing room, with pictures.
But for it to look 1/2 decent, I wanted ALL the pictures frames in black.

Picked up this bundle of 2 black frames - still in the package.
They were originally for 5 bucks. I got 2 picture frames for 1 buck!

Neat, eh? *grin*

That's about it, for my weekend....

Saturday, I managed to do some sewing.
Trying to finish ALL my birthday Siggies, for the WHOLE year -
then, I can get THAT project out of the way!

Hope you all have a nice week!


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