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Monday, July 7, 2008

Misc. - Our new mail box!!!

Hi there!

This was our old mail box. It was there when we moved in, in 2000,
and we had painted it, at the time.
I even tole painted a rose on the top. But, as we all know, the weather can play havoc on our outside stuff, sometimes.

Anyhow, during the past year, Gilbert and I had talked about having another one....
and placing it in the BACK of your house, as we never use this door, anyhow.

Well, we searched and re-searched the WWW (world wide web) for a free pattern,
looking for a mail box that was the size that we wanted.

Couldn't find one.... and once again, we decided to do our our "design".
Here's Gilbert, working on our (first) mailbox.

Here's another picture of Gilbert's hand, trying to figure out how to put a lid on the mail box
and avoiding rain to get in the bottom of the box.

Well, as they say, plans don't always work out, the first time.
The above mail box was too narrow and the lid should have been bigger.

Back to square 1.... this time, Gilbert made a BIGGER box!!! *VBG*

The "crack" of the lid HAS to be in the BACK of the box.... closer to the wall. It's hard to explain, but if the crack of the lid is lined up with the bottom of the mail box, the rain will come in. (Hope this is understandable... *grin*)

Here, he decided to cut a hole in the front of the box
and take a (scrap) piece of glass and paint it.

Here's Gilbert, lining up our new mail box and
Thunder, our dog, just wandering around...
like he usually does! LOL

I had asked Gilbert to put a piece of "roofing" on our mail box,
to make it look like a "mini house".

Neat thing about the "window" is that, when I pull into our driveway,
I can see all my new Siggies, waiting for me!!! *grin*

Here's another picture of Gilbert, holding the lid up.

And here's a final picture of our mail box.
Gilbert went an placed our OLD mail box in it, to compare sizes!

And that's it! I see to go in "blog-spurts"...
don't really have time to write everyday, but I DO "collect" ideas
and things to share with you.


P.S. My oldest son came over, yesterday and we offered him the other mail box.. The narrow one that Gilbert made, right? Anyhow, he and his wife will be using it as a clothespin box. Recycle.... recycle.... recycle....

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spinquilt said...

Nice mail box. Now I may have to do something to jazz ours up. i will add it to the ever growing list of things I want to do. By the way I saw a site the other day where they rent out Husbands for handy work like shelves etc. You could make some money renting Gilbert out for his wood working talents........ Karen