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Friday, May 23, 2008

Misc. - Dinner Date

Last Sunday, Gilbert invited me out to our favorite restaurant - Vito's!
They specialize in greek/italian food, at a decent price. *s*

We both love the ambience and the food, there!

Here's Gilbert, with ceasar salade and a (shared) plate of deep fried veggies.

After I took his picture, a nice lady at a nearby table offered to take
our pictures, together.
How could I refuse that offer?!?!? *grin*

As you can tell, we're pretty happy.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Braggin' Buys - Hair Cut - NOT!!!!! (another post)

Received this picture, in an email today... and thought it would fit in nicely, with my "do".... LOL

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Misc. - Attic shelf finished!

Hi there!

Sunday after noon and I was uploading and writing the blog on yesterday's errands.

Gilbert (my Dear Hubby) sat down and starting watching what I was doing.

"Hey", he says, "How about I go back UPSTAIRS and take a picture of the shelf unit?
I've finished it!"

We have an old house with a VERY steep roof - I think it's called the "pitch" and there's supposed to be a number to that, but don't ask me what the number to our "pitch" is... LOL

Anyhow, it's a wonderful spot to store Christmas decorations, out-of-season clothes and those empty software boxes that are usually 50 times (or more) the size of the actually gadget, inside!

Anyhow, Gilbert wanted to build another shelving unit, to store some more items. This is what he had worked on, when we got back, yesterday ... while I was downstairs, sewing. *VBG*

So, here's his "fancy".... no, better use the word.. "solid" shelving unit!


Misc. - Saturday Morning Errands

Hi there!

Anyone that knows me, knows that I HATE the dreaded "Saturday Morning Errands".

A few have asked, "Well, what do you do that's so bad?"

It's just the fact that I work, from Monday through Friday, and I LOVE to stay home...
What can I say? I'm a "home body". LOL

It usually starts by Monday evening, where Gilbert (my Dear Hubby) starts to note down, what needs to be done, on Saturday.... as the week progresses, the list gets longer and longer - gritting my teeth and groaning, inside, each time he tells me that we need/should go to a certain place,
Saturday morning. *sigh*

Anyhow, this week, Gilbert got a notice that his car registration was due.
In New Brunswick, Canada, every year, your car has to be "registered". Apparently, last year, his registration cost (approx.) $50.00 - this year, it's gone up to $75.00.

So, he says, "How about we go there, FIRST thing Saturday morning and the line-up won't be so bad?" Sounds like a good plan to me.

Arrive at "New Brunswick Service" office and there doesn't appear to be a line-up... at 1st glance. Then, we realize all these people sitting down, with a "number" in their hands. *BIG GROAN*

We figure out where to get our number - we're number A51. As you might be able to see, A14 is on the picture, down below....

FINALLY!!! A50 appears on the screen. You would THINK with the price increase on the darn registration that the "service" would be better, eh?!?!?

NOTE: We got there at 9h05, finally got to the counter and did our business, which took about 5 minutes..... Left this place (approx.) 45 minutes later!

Then, we head off to check our lotto tickets - we won 2 FREE tickets! Okay, not enough to go visit my quilting friends, all over the world, you might say... but HEY! maybe next lotto draw, eh? *grin*

Next, I need to send off a parcel. Our "main" post office is only open during the week.
But, most of our pharmacies have postal outlets.

Since Gilbert has a new "wood" project on the go, we head off to "Home Depot".

Here's Gilbert, checking out the wood, to be sure the wood is straight and not too "knotty".

Here's a picture of his Toyota Matrix - GOSH, do we love our Matrixes... TONS of room in the back. These planks of wood are 8 ft long and the hatchback shuts, after they're inside, too!

Mind you, I had to sit in the back seat (as the front passenger was down), behind him. I kept telling him that he should be opening and closing the door for me, if I'm to sit in the back and act like the Queen! LOL

By now, it's 11h30 and Gilbert had promised to pay for lunch - Personally, I think it was his way of buttering me up, since I had to go(?) with him, on these darn errands. (LOL)

We selected "Mother Nature's" as they (usually) have great lebanese/greek food.

It's kinda like a cafeteria style service. The young fellow that served us wasn't really on the ball, as he got our orders mixed up, BIG TIME... but since we weren't really THAT fussy and only realized it when we got to our tables... we ate it all, nevertheless. *s*

Then, we headed off to "City Road Bakery", to pick up some frozen pizza dough and a couple "feuilletés" - that's a flaky pastry, for when we got home.

And wouldn't you know it, I forgot to take a picture, there! :-(

Anyhow, just before we got home, we stopped off at our local "Tim Horton's", to pick up a couple "timmies". *s*

We usually go through the "Drive Through", as the line ups inside can sometimes be fairly long.
Here's a pic of their menu.

Okay, don't get too excited! LOL
I happened to have gotten this picture in an email, this morning and thought I'd add it here.


Here's a picture of our 2 "timmies"....

FINALLY get to make it home and relax. Spent the rest of the afternoon finishing my triangles on my Dear Jane.

Hope you enjoyed accompanying me, on my (typical) Saturday Morning Errands. *s*


Saturday, May 17, 2008

DJ - Triangles all PIECED !!!!

Hi there!

This weekend, here in Canada, is the long weekend. Monday is "Victoria Day".
To be honest, no one ever really does anything special on this day
'cept be grateful that they have it off... LOL

Anyhow, this afternoon, I decided to FINALLY finish piecing my triangles.

*PHEW !!!!*
What a relief!

Afterwards, I was SOOOO glad that it was over, that I sorted out ALL my Dear Jane fabrics and put them in plastic tote bins... according to "color".

Leftover fabric will be used to make a log cabin quilt.

I had seen this quilt in a quilt store, last fall and fell in love with it.

Christmas time was coming along (last year) and I slid him a piece of paper with the name of the book and the author - DH (Dear Hubby) LOVES to shop on line!!! LOL

Guess what I got for Christmas?!? *VBG*

Anyhow, it uses Civil War prints and it's a scrappy log cabin,
with appliqué'd flowers and vines, here and there. It's GORGEOUS!!!

Anyhow..... I promised that I would finish off a whole bunch of UFO's,
before I got into another quilt project....

I just wish there were more minutes, in a day!


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Braggin' Buys - Hair Cut - NOT!!!!!

Hi there!

As promised, I'd post my recent "Braggin' Buys". *grin*

Gilbert, my DH (Dear Husband) has recently been asking me if I was going to get my hair dyed, again. We went through this, last fall, till I finally looked him in the eyes and asked, "Does it really bother you - all my grey hair? Because it really doesn't bother me." Well, he had that deer-in-the-headlight-look and mumbled, "No, it's okay. I was just thinking about you."

Yah, right....


Anyhow, months go by and last Friday evening, he asked,
"Will you be dying your hair soon, dear? I'll even pay for it, if you want."

Well, at that point, seeing as I'm cheap - no wait, I'm "frugal" - at least that's what my friend Barb has taught me to say... LOL.

Anyhow, I figure since he's about as "frugal" as I, and he's willing to PAY for the darn dye, then I'll "bite". But, I mentioned that I really needed a hair cut, too. Once again, he steps up to bat and says, "Well, since I'm going to the Barber shop and the girls there said they do women's hair, I'll even pay for your hair cut!"

Now, bear in mind that Mother's Day is the next day, right?

Yah, yah, yah... I know it's a long story, but I'm leading up to my "point"... *grin*

Anyhow, with reluctance, that I'm trying desperately not to show,
I agree to get my hair cut, at the "Barber Shop"....
I sit in the chair and the (nice) girl asks, "How do you want your hair cut."
Since I'm not THAT fussy, I reply, "Short."

First mistake. (see pics below)

********** Folks, this is what 9 dollars gets you.... *grin* ************

My only thoughts, at this point are.... well, at least it'll grow in...... RIGHT? (Please say YES!) LOL

Anyhow, then off to Shopper's Drug Mart. I tell Gilbert since he's paying for the dye, he can pick the color... my only stipulation is that it's a "shampoo", rather than a permanent dye-job.

He picks a dark "brown".
NOTE: My natural hair color BEFORE it turned grey was "blonde".

2nd mistake.

Somehow, the dye made my hair colour turn out like a reddish auburn....

Not too, too bad, but certainly NOT what I had expected. LOL

Anyhow, all this to tell you that sometimes you DO get what you paid for!

The 2 things that have avoided me pulling out my hair?
It's only a "shampoo" - I hope!
The hair will grown in - I hope!

Once again, thanks for reading my blog....


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Braggin' Buys - Tole Painting

Hi there!

I've been reading my friend, Nancy's blog, daily and she often posts (with pictures) on the wonderful buys, that she finds... Mind you, I've had to wipe the drool from my mouth a few times, but I DO so enjoy her posts. *s*

Sooooo, I thought I'd start up my own,
titled "Braggin' Buys", instead of "Bargain Buys" - get it?!?? LOL

Anyhow, this morning, Gilbert needed to go to "Kent's Building Supplies" - it's a big box store with lots of building and wood supplies, home decorating stuff, gardening, etc, etc.
I'm sure you get the picture.

Anyhow, he takes off like a bat out of hell,
as most men do when they're on a mission to "pick up" something:
1 - find it,
2 - pay for it
3 - get out there, QUICK! LOL

We parted our own ways (read: I lost track of which aisle he went jogging down),
the minute I saw my first sale bin! LOL


If you do any tole painting, like I do, on occasion...
you know that these little suckers are either hard to find or fairly expensive !!

Look at ALL the stuff!
It's not easy to see in this pic, but I've stacked up a lot of "things" - 3 teddie bears, tons of hearts, stars and snowflakes, 1 wooden button, 5 wooden pegs and ... see those little round items, at the bottom of the pic? They're miniature sewing spools - 22 of them! Plus, 2 different sizes of miniature books, 1 LOVELY moose, 5 (half) eggs, 2 wooden "signs" - like to write "Gone Fishing" or whatever, and a whole bunch of other "stuff".

They might not be useful, right at this minute....
but the will come in handy, "some" day. *grin*

Check out the price on this 1 big star!
It "was" $3.29 and they knocked the price down to 89 cents.

NOW.... here's the "Braggin' Buy"......
Check what it cost me - TOTAL!!!!
Are you sitting down?!??!? LOL
(picture below)


YEP!!! 1 big WHOLE fat dollar!!! Now, when they say "Clearance", they really DO mean "Clearance"!!! *VBG*
The bonus, on top of that?!??
Gilbert paid for it!!! Now, wasn't he generous?!?? *VBG*

NOTE: Items are already sorted out and put into zip-lock bags.
What did we EVER do BEFORE zip-locks were invented?!? *s*

Hope you all have yourself a great "Braggin' Buy Day"!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

DJ - Teaching "Dear Jane"

Hi There!

I recently asked a question, on the Dear Jane forum, with respect to teaching or starting up a group of Janiacs. Here are some of the wonderful replies and/or suggestions that I've received from some Janiacs. And, as I had received several personal emails, requesting that I share this info, I thought I'd post their answers, here.

NOTE: if you don't want your reply posted here, please send me an email and I'll gladly take it off.

Being the organizer/facilitator is a much more fun job than taking on teaching the whole quilt, in my humble opinion. For that, you would eventually need to teach almost every technique known to quilters. And for all the prep and time, you should be paid to teach. And even at that, good teachers give more than they receive--so they should at least be paid something! But as the organizer/facilitator/hostess, your time would be more your own. The group may start out as a social support group--which our Rosa would thrive in, no doubt!! Then gradually group members ask other group members to share how they accomplished certain techniques. Also, the most important part of the dj journey, in my humble experience, is consistent with the way Brenda set up the book and software--with enough info to make the quilt yourself but not problem solving every detail for you. Each quilter learns problem solving and decision making by doing.
First of all, I think you will do a fabulous job because your personality will shine through. When I started teaching DJ, I told the class there are many ways of doing each block, but I would be teaching a particular technique that day. If they knew another technique, great, but we would all work on this technique today. If they did not like the technique, at least they could say they had learned it. To this day no one likes to hear the words Back Basting! They absolutely hated it, but now they know how to do it. My first class was the simple Uncle Homer and we did it by machine piecing, except for one lady who wants the entire quilt made by hand. You need to allow a little leeway sometimes. In the beginning, I made up what I call "story boards" for each technique. I glued each step to a three-sided cardboard Science Project display board, which I bought at Michael's. I also printed the written instructions, so they would have a copy for their notebook. If I still have these on the computer, I will send them to you. Out by the side/or below each step I had a fabric block to show the step. These story boards came in very handy for those who missed a class and needed to review the technique. A visual is always good. We would try to do two blocks each session, but rarely finished both and sometimes not even one, depending on how hard or how many pieces to be cut. YOU might actually like to start with one of the easier (dreaded word) paper-piecing blocks :'( As the months moved along and their confidence was building, I let the class choose the blocks they would like to do. Of course, at your first meeting you will want to talk about the book and CD. Please, please stress the importance of safety with their rotary cutters, and ask everyone to label ALL of their tool s. The mailing labels we receive constantly can be trimmed so small. I even put my last name from a label on the shank of my quilting feet.
For one of the classes I wanted a handout from the book. I don't remember which block or why, but called Brenda and asked permission, which of course she graciously granted. "Permission" is the key word. You cannot use any printed works without "permission".
I never thought you had to have permission to "teach" a class at a guild or any other kind of quilting group. As long as everyone buys the books and you are not copying the patterns out of your book to give them everything should be fine. I am "teaching" 2 of my friends how to do DJ and we all have our own books and make our own patterns. I put "teaching" in quotes because I am not so much teaching as showing -- I am not a teacher and I'm not good with words explaination and always learn by watching. I always tell them this is how I do it but you do it the easiest way for you :)
They each need their own book and/or CD. Use Brenda's lessons from the CD, they each teach a concept that will help with all the blocks.
I read your query regarding teaching/hosting a DJ group through your guild and I wanted to share my experience with you.
  • First, CONGRATULATIONS! The fact that your guild has recognized your skill, talent and worthiness to host/teach such an event is wonderful. Many teachers (me included) are often humbled by the fact that people are even the least bit interested in the kinds of things we do. To have anyone express their interest in being lead by us is another feather in our cap, which can be uncomfortable at times.
  • I have been teaching - or rather leading a group of enthusiastic quilters on their journey - for about 15 years now. I love it. Certainly not the celebrity or the you-must-know-best attitude of some students, but rather the joy I receive when I experience the enthusiasm and success of students, who rarely think they can do it! Beginners are my all time favourite, even tho these newbies can take a bit more patience and work. The satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment they feel is certainly transmitted to me. I get my "juice" from this.
  • I have been lucky enough to host 3 separate DJ groups over the past few years. The first two groups started in 2003 and finished about 2 years later, generating 12 (YES, 12!) Goddesses! Some of these Janiacs were brand new to quilting while others were seasoned veterans. The commrardarie and friendship of these women (and one man!) is what quilting is all about. Motivation and a little "lesson" is all anyone really needs to get started on their own DJ journey.
  • I would be happy to share my "course notes" with you if you think it might be helpful. I did seek (and received) Brenda's permission to teach/host these groups and of course, she was thrilled to be spreading the DJ mania further. Each participant will obviously need their own book or DJ CD, as well as 1 BOLT of background fabric (~10-13m). I am able to organize special ordering of this much fabric through Earthly Goods (the quilt store I teach/work at), and I would suggest you might want to research available and suitable background fabrics which can be ordered.
  • Use the Dear Jane website for additional resources - and of course this "List". There is a huge network of excellent resources available to you.
You don't need permission from anyone. You just can't run off patterns from the book. However, you know all that.
In the past Brenda has given the group an autographed book for the library or as a door prize for the group. It is best to email Brenda directly.

And here's another one, received today - 4 May 2008:

Whenever we have used a pattern from a published person for our raffle quilt we have obtained permission. We have never been refused and usually received a very nice reply saying how thrilled they are that we want to use their pattern. One year a picture of the finished quilt was requested and sent.
If the students buy the book it would be like you and I sitting in your kitchen or sewing room putting the blocks together talking while we did it. Where you run into copyright problems is if you were to take your book or software and copy the pattern for students.
From Brenda M. Papadakis:
No one needs my permission to teach Dear Jane. One of my mantra's is "Each one, Teach one." That is how Jane keeps going... 
The only requirement for classes is that each student have a Dear Jane book
or DJ software. Hope you find time to stitch today!!



Once again, thanks everyone for the lovely suggestions and the votes of confidence!