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Sunday, April 5, 2009

BOM Fun, for this month!

Hi there!

Well, I've had problems with the "right click", on my mouse and Gilbert did every imaginable thing possible and it STILL wasn't working.

Anyhow, long story short, it finally got fixed and this is my last day off and I have LOADS of pictures to share with you, as I've been remiss about my blogging.... not enough hours in the day, unfortunately.

Here a picture of the houses, that I've been making. Remember? They're from the internet and it's called:

Come Over to My House - 2009

Anyhow, when these 4 appartments/houses were posted, I went digging through my stash and selected fabric colors, that they recommended.

As you can tell, the house on the left is too pale, IMHO, but I thought I'd let it "settle" and it might grow on me, after a bit.

Well, it didn't. And as I was off this week, I decided to re-do that house. This time, the appartment/house pic is on the right hand side. I've re-done it in blue and I'm pleased with this one. *s*

Now, this is the last house, that was posted on the internet. I've since learned my lesson and will probably NOT be using pale colors, for these houses... again. *s*

And, the same day, I managed to finish another BOM. This one, is through our local quilt shop.

I still don't care for the colors... Too "blaahish", for me.... but time will tell, eh?

At this point, I'm going with the flow and picking up my BOM, on the last Saturday of each month.


That's it, for now.....

Need to stretch my legs, get breakfast/lunch and do somethin' else,
instead of just sittin' in front of my puter...


Will probably upload and blog, later on, this evening....

Have a great day!



Cyn ;-) Calif/USA said...

Nice blocks, Rosa. I'm with you, I like your new 'blue' house better, too; better value. Is/was that a pun? lol
The picture in the header at the top of your blog page--that's great! When does the lucky kidlet get his new quilt?

Mary Ann said...

Rosa, your houses are really cute!!
I might be doing a BOM from Bunny Hill called Autumn Houses. It's done in fall colours...who knows, maybe i'll even get it done before AUTUMN! Now that would be something, eh?!!!
Mary Ann