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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Brigitte's "Special" Hearts....

Hi There!

Last week, I received Brigitte's last 2 "special"
Heart 2 Heart blocks.

I thought I'd re-post the previous
hearts that she had sent me.

Not sure if you remember, but we were
6 of us, exchanging a set of
"special" hearts....
that's a total of 30 "special" H2Hs!

Well, Brigitte did an "ooopsie".....
perhaps on purpose or not - I don't know
and I'm certainly NOT going to tell her!!!!


She sent me SIX special hearts!!!


These 2 hearts are just DEVINE !!!

This one is ALL hand embroidered!
Her work is sooo exquisite that
you can turn her block over,
and it looks just as nice, UNDERNEATH!!!


Okay, this block here.... I'm kinda slow, sometimes! LOL

This block, I figured out after a bit,
has my initial - the letter "R"!!!!

How cool is that, eh?!??

Isn't this one the sweetest and most
delicate looking heart!??!?

Look.... my JAW dropped, when I saw this one!

I don't know if she designed this heart, or not....
but it's SPECTACULAR!!!


And, finally, THIS one!!!!

It looks like a butterfly.....
One could say,
"My Heart has Wings"....

I took 2 pictures of this one, to show you that the "wings"
aren't tacked or appliqué'd down....
Neat, eh?!??!


Now, Brigitte had written on her blog,
that she does scrapbooking...
or was that card making?

Can't remember.... *scratches her head*

Anyhow, she included this sweet card,
with her last package of "special" hearts.

Nice, eh??!?

And last, but not least,
Brigitte included a special
"Heart" Siggie....

I might have to make up a Siggie,
some day and send her one!

Thanks Brigitte for swapping with me!!!!



Cyn ;-) Calif/USA said...

Lovely, lovely hearts!They are very special, indeed!

Elly D said...

Another WOW!! You lucky lady:-D
Just realized the special number of your last birthday:-D
Brigitte does some wonderful work and so does Steffini.. Fabulous..hugs Elly

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

These hearts are incredible...Brigitte does beautiful work! I am in awe...Elaine in SLO,CA

Brigitte said...

thank you for your enthusiastic posting .... I'm lucky you like what I made for you - it was big fun for me as well!!!
Brigitte in Poland