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Sunday, April 12, 2009

More squishies!

Hi there!

Last week, I think it was, I received a BEEEE-UUU-TEE-FUL
heart block, from my friend, Cyn -
I'll be uploading it's picture, shortly.

Anyhow, Cyn sent me a comical card:
I sure HOPE to go down in history!!!!!


She also included one of these temporary tatooes
and almost dared me to wear it!

Cyn still doesn't know me very well....
Of COURSE I will wear it... and proudly, at that!


Thanks Cyn!!!!

Then, I received a surprise siggie, in my mailbox!

My friend Diane, from Canada!!!

Diane is an artist and a quilter -
I've no doubt that she hand drew this
lovely dove! *VBG*

Love the "bling", too, Diane!!!!


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