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Sunday, April 12, 2009

A stunning Birthday gift!!!!

Hi there!

I received this box of goodies, about 2 weeks ago,
from my friend Steffini.

My jaw actually dropped, when I saw all the beautiful
thingies that she had put in this box!!!!

First, since we're in the Birthday Siggie Swap,
she sent me my "Birthday Siggie", for 2009....

The pinkish fabric is sooooo adorable!!!!

Steffini also made me these 2 gorgeous totes!

Plus, she added 2 little "needle" book keepers!

I LOVE these polka dot fabrics, too!!!

Then, she and her Mom added a few 'touristy" items,
to this box of gifties!

Love it All!!!!

We've started playing with the Texas cards
and the jalepeno pepper pin cushion
is already being used, in my Sewing Studio!

Then, she includes a funny card AND
a Fizzy Bath Birthday muffin, with candles!

I don't think I've ever seen these, before,
but will DEFINITELY be using it... soon...


Here's a picture of the "inside" of her card.... LOL

Now... THIS was the icing on the cake!

Steffini had told me, a few times, that she was taking
a course on these cute little dresses....

And she has STRESSED that it was all made by hand....
the embroidery and the smocking, that is.

And, in the meantime, I would ask her what was new with her,
and she'd tell me that she was working on making me
a birthday gift....

Never.... EVER.... in a million years,
would I have imagined that she was making
ME .... MOI..... *points at herself*
one of these dresses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I only wish that my camera could show you the fine
details on these "knots"
and the smocking!!!!

In fact, if she hadn't put a label behind it,
I would have thought that she was only
"LENDING" me her dress!


Steffini was kind enough to add "tabs"
to her creation. *grin*

Her quilt is now hanging, proudly,
on my office wall!!!

This truly is one of my prized treasures.....

Thanks a bunch, Steff!!!!


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Mary Ann said...

Woah, Rosa, Happy Belated Birthday to ya!!! And welcome to the Nifty 50 Club, as well!!!!! I figure it's quite an accomplishment to get this far, so we really need to enjoy it!! Cheers from your friend, Mary Ann