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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cyn's Hearts!!!

Hi There!

Here's some more gorgeous hearts,
that I've received, recently,
from my friend Cyn.

She, too, took part in our extra
"special" Heart 2 Heart (H2H) swap.

I just LOVE the colors
that Cyn chose, for this one....


These blocks are done to PERFECTION!!!

This one, is done by machine -
blanket stitch.

CYN!!!! your stitches are PERFECT!!!

I wish you lived next door -
I'd be picking your brain!!!!


(NOTE: I remember Cyn writing to me and
telling me that since our backgrounds could be
ivoryish or whitish, she was going to try a
combination of 2. Cool, eh?!??)

I think I had already posted this one....

Cyn had sent this previously,
but I thought I'd put her 5
extra "special" H2H blocks, together.

Now, THIS is the one that baffles me....

Did she do those gorgeous stitches by hand,
or by machine?!??

And if by machine... HOW did she do it?!??
*scratches her head*

I think this one's gotta be my favorite....


Now, like Brigitte and Monika,
Cyn sent me a H2H Siggie. *grin*

I really DO have to start thinking of some kind of
Heart Siggie design and return the favor,
to these gals.... *s*

Anyhow, thanks Cyn!

Love your hearts!!!!



Cyn ;-) Calif/USA said...

Rosa, your enthusiasm is catching! lol. Thank you for your kind words. I'm happy you like what was made especially for you.
The 'crazy' heart block: piece crazy work and cut into heart shape a smidge larger than needed; cover all seams with embroidery stitches; trim to final size; applique to b/g.
This has been a fun swap!

Elly D said...

They sure are beautiful!! you lucky lady :))