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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cyn's Hearts!!!

Hi There!

Here's some more gorgeous hearts,
that I've received, recently,
from my friend Cyn.

She, too, took part in our extra
"special" Heart 2 Heart (H2H) swap.

I just LOVE the colors
that Cyn chose, for this one....


These blocks are done to PERFECTION!!!

This one, is done by machine -
blanket stitch.

CYN!!!! your stitches are PERFECT!!!

I wish you lived next door -
I'd be picking your brain!!!!


(NOTE: I remember Cyn writing to me and
telling me that since our backgrounds could be
ivoryish or whitish, she was going to try a
combination of 2. Cool, eh?!??)

I think I had already posted this one....

Cyn had sent this previously,
but I thought I'd put her 5
extra "special" H2H blocks, together.

Now, THIS is the one that baffles me....

Did she do those gorgeous stitches by hand,
or by machine?!??

And if by machine... HOW did she do it?!??
*scratches her head*

I think this one's gotta be my favorite....


Now, like Brigitte and Monika,
Cyn sent me a H2H Siggie. *grin*

I really DO have to start thinking of some kind of
Heart Siggie design and return the favor,
to these gals.... *s*

Anyhow, thanks Cyn!

Love your hearts!!!!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Monka's Hearts!!!!

Hi There!

As I've mentioned before,
there was a H2H (Heart 2 Heart) block swap
going on, in one of the groups that I belong to, in Yahoo.

A small group of us, decided to swap
some "extra" special hearts.

I think I had done this one,
and it certainly didn't come out
HALF as nice as hers!

Perfectly pieced together!

Look at the teeny, tiny stitches
in this block!!!!

Monika does incredible work, too and
certainly knows how to color coordinate fabric!!

Another simply gorgeous heart!!!!

And this one was done in soft pinks...

Unfortunately, my camera never does
justice to these blocks...

And, of course, Monika sent me a
"Heart" Siggie!


I really DO need to send these 2 gals
a special siggie... one of these days... *grin*

Tks Monika, for swapping!!!!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Brigitte's "Special" Hearts....

Hi There!

Last week, I received Brigitte's last 2 "special"
Heart 2 Heart blocks.

I thought I'd re-post the previous
hearts that she had sent me.

Not sure if you remember, but we were
6 of us, exchanging a set of
"special" hearts....
that's a total of 30 "special" H2Hs!

Well, Brigitte did an "ooopsie".....
perhaps on purpose or not - I don't know
and I'm certainly NOT going to tell her!!!!


She sent me SIX special hearts!!!


These 2 hearts are just DEVINE !!!

This one is ALL hand embroidered!
Her work is sooo exquisite that
you can turn her block over,
and it looks just as nice, UNDERNEATH!!!


Okay, this block here.... I'm kinda slow, sometimes! LOL

This block, I figured out after a bit,
has my initial - the letter "R"!!!!

How cool is that, eh?!??

Isn't this one the sweetest and most
delicate looking heart!??!?

Look.... my JAW dropped, when I saw this one!

I don't know if she designed this heart, or not....
but it's SPECTACULAR!!!


And, finally, THIS one!!!!

It looks like a butterfly.....
One could say,
"My Heart has Wings"....

I took 2 pictures of this one, to show you that the "wings"
aren't tacked or appliqué'd down....
Neat, eh?!??!


Now, Brigitte had written on her blog,
that she does scrapbooking...
or was that card making?

Can't remember.... *scratches her head*

Anyhow, she included this sweet card,
with her last package of "special" hearts.

Nice, eh??!?

And last, but not least,
Brigitte included a special
"Heart" Siggie....

I might have to make up a Siggie,
some day and send her one!

Thanks Brigitte for swapping with me!!!!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter, Everyone!!!

Hi There!

We were invited to my parent's home,
for Easter Monday.

We had a nice, relaxing day, with my family
AND had a super Easter meal....
ham, chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy,
turnip and carrots, too!

My sister, Sylvie, always seems to
make the most scrumptious desserts!

Here, she surprised everyone,
with their very own
Easter Egg cookie!

Yep! She baked the cookies
and decorated them, herself....

Although, I was told that she had
2 little helpers! *VBG*

Happy (belated) Easter to everyone,
out there!!!!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

A stunning Birthday gift!!!!

Hi there!

I received this box of goodies, about 2 weeks ago,
from my friend Steffini.

My jaw actually dropped, when I saw all the beautiful
thingies that she had put in this box!!!!

First, since we're in the Birthday Siggie Swap,
she sent me my "Birthday Siggie", for 2009....

The pinkish fabric is sooooo adorable!!!!

Steffini also made me these 2 gorgeous totes!

Plus, she added 2 little "needle" book keepers!

I LOVE these polka dot fabrics, too!!!

Then, she and her Mom added a few 'touristy" items,
to this box of gifties!

Love it All!!!!

We've started playing with the Texas cards
and the jalepeno pepper pin cushion
is already being used, in my Sewing Studio!

Then, she includes a funny card AND
a Fizzy Bath Birthday muffin, with candles!

I don't think I've ever seen these, before,
but will DEFINITELY be using it... soon...


Here's a picture of the "inside" of her card.... LOL

Now... THIS was the icing on the cake!

Steffini had told me, a few times, that she was taking
a course on these cute little dresses....

And she has STRESSED that it was all made by hand....
the embroidery and the smocking, that is.

And, in the meantime, I would ask her what was new with her,
and she'd tell me that she was working on making me
a birthday gift....

Never.... EVER.... in a million years,
would I have imagined that she was making
ME .... MOI..... *points at herself*
one of these dresses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I only wish that my camera could show you the fine
details on these "knots"
and the smocking!!!!

In fact, if she hadn't put a label behind it,
I would have thought that she was only
"LENDING" me her dress!


Steffini was kind enough to add "tabs"
to her creation. *grin*

Her quilt is now hanging, proudly,
on my office wall!!!

This truly is one of my prized treasures.....

Thanks a bunch, Steff!!!!


More squishies!

Hi there!

Last week, I think it was, I received a BEEEE-UUU-TEE-FUL
heart block, from my friend, Cyn -
I'll be uploading it's picture, shortly.

Anyhow, Cyn sent me a comical card:
I sure HOPE to go down in history!!!!!


She also included one of these temporary tatooes
and almost dared me to wear it!

Cyn still doesn't know me very well....
Of COURSE I will wear it... and proudly, at that!


Thanks Cyn!!!!

Then, I received a surprise siggie, in my mailbox!

My friend Diane, from Canada!!!

Diane is an artist and a quilter -
I've no doubt that she hand drew this
lovely dove! *VBG*

Love the "bling", too, Diane!!!!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Special" Heart 2 Heart block - #3

Hi there!

Well, I haven't embroidered in years
and I just realized that I used to enjoy it
and still do, in fact. *grin*

Anyhow, this is my 3rd "Special" Heart
for our Heart 2 Heart swap.

Everyone has since received this heart....
and I enjoyed making it, too!

Found the patten on the internet....

Amazing all the wonderful things we can find on the net, eh?


BOM Fun, for this month!

Hi there!

Well, I've had problems with the "right click", on my mouse and Gilbert did every imaginable thing possible and it STILL wasn't working.

Anyhow, long story short, it finally got fixed and this is my last day off and I have LOADS of pictures to share with you, as I've been remiss about my blogging.... not enough hours in the day, unfortunately.

Here a picture of the houses, that I've been making. Remember? They're from the internet and it's called:

Come Over to My House - 2009

Anyhow, when these 4 appartments/houses were posted, I went digging through my stash and selected fabric colors, that they recommended.

As you can tell, the house on the left is too pale, IMHO, but I thought I'd let it "settle" and it might grow on me, after a bit.

Well, it didn't. And as I was off this week, I decided to re-do that house. This time, the appartment/house pic is on the right hand side. I've re-done it in blue and I'm pleased with this one. *s*

Now, this is the last house, that was posted on the internet. I've since learned my lesson and will probably NOT be using pale colors, for these houses... again. *s*

And, the same day, I managed to finish another BOM. This one, is through our local quilt shop.

I still don't care for the colors... Too "blaahish", for me.... but time will tell, eh?

At this point, I'm going with the flow and picking up my BOM, on the last Saturday of each month.


That's it, for now.....

Need to stretch my legs, get breakfast/lunch and do somethin' else,
instead of just sittin' in front of my puter...


Will probably upload and blog, later on, this evening....

Have a great day!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In Search of the Perfect Bra

Hi there!

Got this article from Yahoo, and found it EXTREMELY interesting....
that's why I'm sharing it with you... *s*


Did you know that about 80% of all women are wearing the wrong size bra? Surprising, isn't it? There's a lot to check for before you buy that new bra, so have look at our tips to make sure the one you purchase is right for you.

Measure first

Step 1: Measure, in inches, the circumference of your ribcage, staying below the breasts. Add 6 to the number if it's even, 5 if it's odd. This is your band size.

Step 2: Now measure the circumference of your torso at breast level, keeping the measuring tape at nipple level, again in inches. The result will be larger than your band size. To get your cup size, subtract your band size from the measurement of your breasts at nipple level. The following table indicates which cup size you are according to your calculation

1/2 inch: AA
1 inch: A
2 inches: B
3 inches: C
4 inches: D
5 inches: DD

For example, if the first measurement gives you 29, you add 5 to get 34. If the second measurement is 35, you subtract 34 from 35, to get 1. The difference is equal to an A cup.

So your bra size is 34A.

Try them on!
Every bra is different, that's why you must never buy one without first trying it on. Even if you know your size, try it on and see how it fits you. A bra is like a second skin, and should feel as comfortable as one, too. You should (almost) be able to forget you are wearing one. That's why it's important to try on different styles (with or without underwire, half cup, push-up, padded, etc.) to find the one that bests suits you.

Necessary adjustments
A well-adjusted bra can make all the difference in the world when it comes to comfort. Follow these tips for comfort and style:

* A new bra should be fastened on the outermost clasp. Over time, the bra will stretch out and then you will need to move to the middle, and then the innermost clasp. The straps and the underwire should not leave any marks on your skin.

* To make sure your breast are well placed, put your hand in the cup and lift your breast up before letting it settle back. The nipple should be pointing up, not down. Your breasts will be well supported, looking firm and perky!

* If the cup puckers or wrinkles, then it is too big. If your breasts are spilling out, it's too small. The surface of each cup must be smooth.

* Straps shouldn't be too tight or too loose. Check if they're properly adjusted by sliding a finger underneath each strap: you should be able to do this easily.

Ask questions
Women who work in lingerie shops have usually had training, and can help you find the right bra. Don't be afraid to ask questions or for advice about adjusting your bra or finding the right style. All those different styles are there for a reason: there is no one right bra for all women.

Get dressed
Lastly, while you're in the changing room, put on your top or blouse and see what the bra looks like when you're dressed. Can you see your bra through your top? Is the shape of your breasts round? Are they pointing forward? This is what you need to look for before buying - not after!

Got 4 more days off !!!!