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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bertha Gets a "Lift"

Hi There!

After a week of intensive family meetings,
Gilbert and I decided to take the plunge
and give Bertha a "Face Lift"!

We contacted our nearest Gammill Dealer,
Cowles Quilting Machines Service Inc.

Brian showed up this morning,
at 10 a.m. and promptly
started work on Bertha.

A LOT of little bits and pieces
of "stuff" came out of Bertha!

Gilbert watched and helped Brian,
as much as possible.


A LOT of new bits and pieces
went INTO Bertha!

Here, Brian is giving
Gilbert his official training,
on our new "Vision 26"!!!

After a thorough training and
some informative chit-chat,
Brian was on his way....
back to Vermont.

Have a safe trip back, Brian!

Rosa (& Gilbert)


Frummie said...

yah bertha!

Frummie said...

that was suppose to be YEAH BERTHA!

Barb said...

Gilbert is going to have fun now!!